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  1. Looking to buy one if someone has one available for sale. Will not pay a ridiculous price though, Don't want one that bad. Thanks.
  2. I'd be happy to test this plug for you. I would imagine it could only help my problem. Win bulk turns my auto into a bolt action, shells hang up every time. Anything that would help make my gun cycle better would be great. I am also considering the md gas plug as well. I just hate to start throwing money at it hoping to fix the issue. Federal cycles better than the winchester but I'm still having fte issues.
  3. The fees if it sold on gb at $25,000 would be $325.63
  4. Tried the 25rd box of federal bulk I had left over today. It ran flawlessly in my factory 5rd and promag 12rd drum.
  5. Well I have been running the gun on 2 with the stock plug. It would almost eject the shell, the bolt was coming most of the way back. Sometimes I could get it to shoot 2-3 in a row. I changed it to 1 just for the hell of it, even though 1 is for heavier loads. It didn't even cycle the bolt at all so I'm back to 2. I've got about 200 rounds through the gun so far. Mostly birdshot, bout 20rds of buck and slug. Would making sure the gas ports were drilled at 45 degrees and .090 make it cycle the lighter loads consistently? I also bought a 12rd primate drum today at the gun show. I was a little s
  6. Here's a pic of my stock new toy.
  7. So I only got to put 10rds down range after work cause it got dark. But it was a whole lot of fun. Stupid fun shotgun. Now I gotta buy $100+ drum mags. I can't wait
  8. So I picked up my saiga 12 on my lunch break. Got it for $525. Can't wait to get off work to go play with it.
  9. I'm still new to saiga's. And while doing my research I came across some of these crazy things. Really $2000+ shotguns? They're not even hand built trap guns. I just don't see the $ stand point. Then I found the $250 priced drums and I'm like wtf? Finally found the reasonably priced drums. I was almost put off on buying a s12 with drums at that price. Cause I'm def going to want a couple.
  10. Thanks for the fast replies. I've been wanting one since they've come out. Think I'm going to pick it up tom on my lunch break. Seems like there's a lot of good info on this site. Thanks
  11. Hey all. New to the forum here. I was looking around and didn't see much on pricing. I'm looking at buying one at a local shop. They have a brand new saiga 12 with the 19" barrel. They're asking $530 for it. Is that a decent price for a stock saiga 12? Thanks
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