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  1. thats all true, but you still can't use a mag that holds more than 31, unless its an NFA item.
  2. A lot of states have ethanol mandates already e.g. minnesota, missouri, indiana, ohio. Here in ohio i believe our current state mandate is 5%, but most fuel is at least 10%. I think minnesota has a E20 mandate, at those levels you really start screwing with old school fuel injection. You need roughly 30% more ethanol than gas to get the same power. But the biggest issue is the stoich air/fuel ratio. It is 14.7 to 1 on gas and 9 to 1 on Ethanol which means, unless the ECU knows what the ethanol percentage is, it will be running lean. eta punctuation
  3. rail guns mght be a ways off, but the new carriers will have electro-magnentic catapults. pretty cool tech.
  4. Jack of all trades, live and work on a farm, we also do custom spreading and hauling of poultry ltter. also work in a motorcycle/snowmoble shop, and do some gunsmithiing for my FFL. in other words i keep my arse busy. used to be a System Developer (mostly RPGILE, some C# ), but hated the cube farm so came back home to be out in the weather.
  5. William Russell Matix and Michael Lee Platt, thats why. Ask the FBI how many rounds it takes.
  6. i had to file a notch in the upper on both of mine to get proper bolt stop movement.
  7. Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Old Fashioned Cream, heck i'll eat any pie. this is a Caramel Apple Pie i made from scratch a week or so ago.
  8. HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (AP) — A man fatally shot a woman decorating for a children's Christmas party at a tiny church hall and killed two men elsewhere in a rural township on Friday before he was shot dead in a gunfight with state troopers.... http://news.yahoo.com/gunman-kills-woman-pa-church-2-men-elsewhere-223709136.html
  9. Probably, but i will do my part and spend some time and money to try and stop it. the realistic truth is we will probably have a bunch of previously pro 2a politicians cave. our best hope then, would be that before they do, they get get the ban limited to short time frame.
  10. i'll stick to my Powerstrokes thanks. 8-10k get a 99-02 f-250 or 350 superduty with a powerstroke, it will pull anything, i'd suggest a 6 sp. the auto's have gotten better but the 4r100 is still a lil slushy. if you went newer with a 6.0 the 5r110 auto is fine. but the motors have a few issues. but a 00 or so 7.3 F250 6sp 4x4 is damn near unstoppable. gets about 20mpg i average 19, dad gets 22, my brother used to get 24 or better with a 2wd.
  11. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e7b4/ my GF found this on Pinterest and showed me.
  12. LOL your momma didn't raise any fools, did she?
  13. thanks to all the men who answered the japanese call to visit. especially LT. CMDR, Peter H Mulder, MD -- USS HOPE
  14. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/burglar-calls-911-himself-163618126.html the comments are interesting. too many idiots on both sides. i wouldn't say the media went so far as to make guns, or gun owners look good, but not having there usual negative spin is nice, how messed up is this country when we have to search to find Neutral news reporting?
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