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  1. Very nice! Great process photos as well. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks, me too! I actually got a chance to take it out for a test drive a few days ago and it performed great. I even noticed a slight decrease in muzzle raise and flash. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z9NOwZGB2s
  3. Personally I would go with the micro red dot just because it is a 3MOA dot versus a 5MOA dot on the reflex sight. That would be the only reason. I definitely like the smaller size of the reflex sight though. Are you trying to co-witness the irons with it? If so you will need either an Ultimak rail or The MI/US Palm red dot specific railed handguard. I'm interested in this as well so hopefully some of the more experienced members will chime in.
  4. I like the Midwest Industries rail with the MI/US Palm red dot specific top cover. Here is the ad for it:
  5. Really nice setup you have there! Both rifles look awesome. That Saiga looks superb, they do great work!
  6. Thanks, I decided to put a different flash hider on there and it is definitely as straight as an arrow! No worries about this one. Thanks again!
  7. So are you planning on converting her or leaving it stock? I'm sure you can get tighter groups than 125 mm after a PG conversion with a G2 trigger. Mine listed a 102mm accuracy and I have shot around 2.5 MOA with it at 50 yards.
  8. Well I got a chance to test it out today at the range and luckily none of the bullets made contact with the flash hider to my knowledge. I'm pretty sure I would have known. It was shooting a little to the right today though using the irons (not sure whether it was me, the wind, the muzzle device, or some other extenuating circumstance). All in all though it shot fairly well at 50 yards seeing as how I am not the most proficient with the iron sights I was able to put 17/20 in a 3" circle so I'm pleased! Thanks for the responses.
  9. Well some people use a dremel, but from my experience a pipe cutter works best, it just takes 10 times longer. The barrel threading tutorial that is sticky'd in this forum will tell you everything you need to know about that. It is not nearly as hard as replacing the FSB or gas tube though.
  10. From what I understood Surefire changed their name to SGM to avoid being confused with the flashlight company a little while back.
  11. Yes you can change out your gas tube for the traditional AK style, but from everything I've read or heard it is a huge PITA! Welcome to the forum BTW
  12. No replies = it must just be my eyes playing with me! Carry on please.
  13. I recently got my barrel threaded and the Hungarian AMD-65 surplus flash hider (pictured below) screws on crooked. The 14x1LH thread protector I have screws on fine and a different Tapco flash hider my friend had screws on fine. Could I have gotten a bad AMD-65 flash hider, or are my eyes just playing tricks on me? SIDE TOP
  14. That is a nice looking rifle man. I use the SGM tactical 30 rounders in mine with no problem. I have heard so many bad things about the pro mags that it kept me away.
  15. Fixed it. The idea would be to MATCH my S12, not just have another Saiga. Alternatively, I believe I found a brand new AR-15 for $20 more than that. If that's the case just grab the AR..
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