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  1. I have carried a wheel gun for the past forty years. I only practice double action because trying to shoot single action in a tight situation is not good. I have used S&W 36 and 49 which worked well. I have also used a Charter arms Bulldog whitch is ok except for the hammer spur. I now use a Ruger Sp101 which is double action only. I have considered a double action auto, but they are heavy for what you get. I would not under any circumstance carry a non double action auto loader in my pocket fo safety reasons. I think every person should try and use what they like. They'll probaly do bette
  2. blackknight135


    Congrats. Some 08 Saiga 12s have a few problems that may want to look out for. The ports are not drilled or the gas block is positioned wrong. Keep a close eye on your rails (the ones that your bolt carrier rides on} gaps have shown up in them and it will lock nup your gun. The bolt carrier can crack where the piston screws in. In your case I would advise you to consider Cobra 76 II services for a smooth operating gun. You could try the Saiga GOD at tromix if you have plenty of money,a fast computer and plenty of time to wait. I have seen or experienced all of the above problems in several 08s
  3. I agree with CSSPECS, let's let her and the other califorinios get it going. The attitude from cali is that everything tastes better if the pee in it for you. They have taken over in oregon,wash., texas and ala. If you make an error that would offend few, there is always one of the betters ready to tell you off and call you a fucking noob. I do refer to this forum and a few members. The mostly yankee mods think a person should't care, Well I do. I say this not to start flame war just my opnion.
  4. The USO is a pretty good org. for service members. A word of caution though, there are other "service" organazations that are little better than theives in my book. Red Cross is one along with the wounded warrior project. The wwp takes a 60 percent cut for adminastrative purposes. The 40 percent that they disburse to help vets goes to organizations that does the same, so very little of donations make it to the vets. Any tax exempt orginization must disclose publicy the amount of each donation that actually reaches the intended party. Please check out the organization before donating
  5. Just think. If we can get obammy impeached that's who we'll have. Makes for nice dreams huh?
  6. Paul did this and did it well. I have two, a single stage and a double stage. I have yet to feel a better trigger pull on a AK.
  7. You'all better watch out for that crazy b**ch running for Gov. IF she gets in, her and the californio's will try to take over just like they did in other states. I don't understand what they put in the water that makes them think they need to tell everybody what to do.
  8. Got my stuff today. Everything was as expected. We got this deal done in less than a week, which is great. Thanks E.
  9. I'll say this, put my order in over the weekend to csspecs, got the order yesterday. No BS. Will test when it gets above freezing. Thanks, Mike
  10. Where are you going to announce that you are selling more of these mags? If they are as good as your .308 mags, look out you'll be swamped.
  11. Bought and recieved a boltcarrier from Bo in a timely manner. Would defintely do buiness with him again.
  12. Be very careful when using fast shotgun powders such as red dot. Get yourself a loading manual and read it carefully. DO NOT go from a minimum starting load to a max load in one jump. If you read a reloading manual carefully and follow directions, you'll do fine. Good Luck
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