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  1. Mr. Green on the vepr forum has been making extractors for x54 & .308 veprs. It sounds like he's open to building other parts, but a group buy so he could make a bunch is probably needed. http://vepr.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2107&start=160. May want to drop a message on that forum...
  2. I know I'm late to the draw but never to late to ask.
  3. Bump to top. If someone has some they want to get rid of pm me.
  4. You guys have a reputation for a quality product, and I'm hopeful you will eventually get your milling machine. If this project doesn't get derailed for any circumstances you'll have tons of folks buying them.
  5. csspecs can you guys provide updates on the VEPR 7.62x54 mags? I refuse to buy the SGM mags & am patiently waiting to buy your quality product. thanks, will
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can buy some of the 5 rd mags? If any members have some please message me.
  7. I saw at that top that someone was asking about fixing the rear of the receiver. I know Matt "Turbo this" from the AK forum who I think is a member here fixes those slant cut Chinese mak 90 receivers. I would imagine he could fix the slant cut veprs to accept standard ak stocks. Might be worth pinging him to find out.
  8. My mom was asking me what I wanted for Christmas, and since i have a 545 saiga pending conversion i asked for a CSS gift card. My mom ordered a gift cert, and Gwen promptly called her @ 9am PST to confirm whether the gift card would say from her, and if they wanted it to be sent directly to me. Just wanted to say that both of us were extremely satisfied with the service! It was also nice that they were cognizant of the time differences since I'm on the west coast. You guys will always have my return service, and a lot of other companies should take you guys as an example of how to run a good
  9. Thanks! Got one plus a couple of extra goodies.
  10. Does anyone know where I can find one online, or does someone have one laying around they want to part with? Thanks, Will
  11. Just got my saiga 12, and I took it out to the range today. I was firing some Winchester 2 3/4 00 buck from Walmart. All was fine until after the second mag. Went to lock the bolt back w/ the bho lever, and it pressed all the way up into the reciever. I'm guessing the spring slipped off the bho lever. The bolt is now totally locked back, and I can not get it to roll forward. Have people had this happen before?
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