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  1. Energy independence doesnt really matter to the common person, no matter how good it sounds on paper. Our country could be completely energy independent and still have $4/gallon gas prices. Speculation and market fixing are the real reasons for the current 'good for us' gas prices and they will also be the reason for the 'bad for us' gas prices that will come back. Big oil, whether they frack or drill, do not thrive on current oil prices. Fracking, which is the reason for the US oil surge, costs more than conventional drilling, so when frackers rule the land, gas prices will be through the roof. I cant wait until everything goes to electric and we can tell these crooks to go fuck themselves.
  2. If you just take and NEVER work ... G O B, Its just amazing to me, redistribution of wealth and calling it free... Couple weeks ago I was standing outside a Giant Eagle store here in Pa, smoking a butt, when a public transportation bus rolled up and the sorry sons of bitches standing at the bus stop getting on, others running their sorry asses from the store about falling down trying to get to the bus. Felt like telling them all to go Fuck themselves, including the bus driver. Here in Pa the state gas tax is $0.60 a gal, pay for roads and bridges, more of the tax goes to public transportation, subsidize these losers ride, pays the bus drivers high wage, his/hers pension and Free healthcare... I drive 48 miles one way to get to work, 500 miles in a 5day work wk, been doing it for 29.5 yrs, never received a free inspection, no free brake job, no free tires, not even a free bus ride...!!!! I take my reps and sen to task when I see/call them.... Fuck them too.. Ive seen this too. When I heard that some 20yrold girl was getting free rides to the store, to the salon, and to the methadone clinic, I was kinda pissed. Shouldnt we all get back according to what we put in? Ive been working my ass off for the last ten years and if I run out of money for gas, food, or tires, what do I get? A big 'fuck you' is all I get, 'shoulda been smarter mutherfucker'. But thats the only way you learn how to be responsible. On free community college, I wouldnt care if I knew these people were learning a trade or getting a business degree, something that will actually help their future and help give back to the community and country as a whole. But I have a feeling general studies, psychology, and other useless wastes of majors will be equally funded.
  3. Ive seen this in the media from capture, to failed extortion, to execution. Will this be the beginning of japan in the middle east? Was it a hoax? I have no fucking idea. Im just wondering if you guys know more than me.
  4. I thought you guys might be amused by this too. If it were one of us, we'd be arrested on the spot. Still, I have a hard time believing this and an even harder time believing he'll get a year in jail. http://www.immortal.org/4775/arrest-warrant-issued-david-gregory-meet-press/
  5. Im pretty sure the harrison act made cocaine illegal in 1914, prohibition was from 1919-1933. So it was pretty close, who knows how much enforcement took place in the early years, as it probably took a few years to catch up. Busts where I live are pretty much nonexistant, to my knowledge, but my town is pretty tame. I never been a druggie either, but a few of my friends fell into that hole. A couple of those friends went to prison and were never normal again. One had a family car seized in a stop where they found some pot, it turned the already poor family into a welfare case, since mom and dad couldnt get to work. There were a few more cases where the punishment did not equal the crime and it ruined real people, with real lives, to the benefit of the state. The worst part is the inequality of the system. My dad has terrible back problems. Hes tried different treatments, surgery, and nothing works. His doctor prescribed him morphine, as its the only thing that works. Now, hes addicted. A slave to his legal prescription. If he were addicted to heroin (which is the same thing chemically) he would be a criminal, worthy of imprisonment. Hes on the right side of the law, but many are not. Do you even realize how many addicted people get dropped by their doctors and become common criminals, for a major problem that a legal act created? What im saying is, the punishments and modes of enforcement do not fit the crimes. Peoples incomes depend upon keeping these restrictions in place and the public has been so brainwashed by many years of 'the moral war on drugs', there is very little outcry for change. Yes, people are sick of these no knock raids and police militarization, but most miss the big picture: many of these crimes hurt only the individual involved, who would be allowed to hurt themselves with booze, cigarettes, fast cars, and doctor prescribed drugs. How can our system be in our best interest when they force violence toward non violent people, for non violent offenses, and defend its merits above personal freedom? Free to do this, but not that. You can buy a car the goes 150 and risk many lives, but cant do coke on the weekend. You only need be suspected to have men breaking down your door. Typically, if you or your family gets hurt or dead when this happens, the killer walks. Because the means are obviously worth the ends where victimless crimes are concerned. Thats my reasoning Fatty. Am I completely off base?
  6. Great reason to end the war on drugs: Finanically cripple cartels, restore freedoms. Yes, there will be some additional addictions to deal with, but we can find ways to deal with that too. At least people will only be killing themselves. But you have to realize, the same things that financially cripple the cartels also cripples the local municipalities and their services. Local govt brings in so much income by seizing property and money, they have no interest to change. For all the harm the cartels causes to the public, it would make sense to defund them and stop them cold. But no, we should fight them, further oppress the american people, and destroy many lives in the process. Why? Because cartel busts = big bucks. Drug busts =big bucks
  7. Nations wage war for resources, money, land, and influence. Religions wage war for ideology, against "infidels" who dont believe what they do, or who offend their skewed views of right and wrong. While millions more people have been killed by nations, religions only add to the death toll. If we removed connection with religion, we would get rid of fundamentalist terrorism, religiously motivated hate crimes, and religious corporal punishment, which kills many people who do not subscribe to the religion who murders them. Therefore No, it would not remain the same. Many thousands of innocent people die for the bullshit beliefs of others. Many of these people live in areas where nations do not care to wage war, because it would not pay to do so. Religious violence happens everywhere where there are religions,.
  8. I tie paracord around the necks of two liter bottles. I cut a flap in the back of the bottle, as high as I can, and pack in as many old news papers as will fit. I will tie a couple knots in the other end of the paracord and staple them up, hanging from something. Bang, swinging target out of junk. They last until they fall apart.
  9. What they meant was "The more we investigate the public, the more fine and seizure revenue we will get, because we know many dont understand the laws, and we will arrest them for it." This is just a friendlier way to keep tabs on everyone, boost profit, and push the boot down harder.
  10. "large quantity of marijuana was also located." Ya think this may have something to do with it as well.???? OK so we eliminate the federal drug schedule as well as the NFA. It's a two-fer. Those are both unconstitutional as hell. Yes and Yes
  11. Need a friend, how bout a big brother? http://blog.chron.com/narcoconfidential/2015/01/come-be-friends-with-the-atf-or-just-follow-them/#16498103=0&29768101=0
  12. Society has always been a balance of just enough good to continue, but bad enough to cause alot of death and suffering. We are not going to hell in a handbasket and society is not degrading, it has always been fucked up, yet never completely, everywhere. The media, plays a huge part to sensationalize every little thing, and makes it really look like humanity is going down the drain. However, theres no reason to believe that the bad outweighs the good, regardless what we believe to be true. For every evil act we see there are 1000 good acts that we dont. Individuals do many good deeds, many times, every day, and it almost never makes the headlines. The second evil is reported, its plastered everywhere and after a while, its thought to be the norm. The good is simply out of sight and out of mind. And when the combined decency of humanity is barely ever reported, and always steam rolled by evil events, any person who does not have a deeper understanding of reality believes its going to hell in a handbasket. The only reason our country looks to be morally declining, is our realization of failed law and order, its resemblance of complete socialism, and its corruption inducing political process. Our image reflects the actions of our rulers, and our rulers do not represent our true wishes. Therefore, our reflection as a nation is quite distorted indeed.
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