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  1. Any mags with the 1st rifle? Are the prices shipped?
  2. Quick shipping, great communication, & quality Magpul MOE mil-spec butt stock! Thank you!
  3. Part numbers if you have them to clear any confusion.... The difference between the two is roughly 1/4" & not necessarily noticeable at a glance.
  4. Part numbers? I'm looking for a low mount front....
  5. Looks "combat" accurate to me.
  6. I'll say that they are fun & are able to have some degree of practical application. I've shot a few 5.56 F/A; Steyr as well as an H&K. Hell, my dad thought it was a blast and he qualified "expert" in the Army way back when with his A1 as well as the M60. I will say for a converted Saiga or other AK variant, with a decent FCG you can bump controllably from the shoulder with practice of course.
  7. Mineral spirits does wonders!
  8. I have both & enjoy shooting both rifles. The advantage with the Saiga is that it'll eat any ammo you feed it. My mini 30 likes Silver/Golden Bear as opposed to other brands. Tula is the worse with about a 25% failure to fire rate. Cost wise I was able to convert the Saiga, get ammo, surplus mags, etc...for the cost of my Ruger. Best price on factory 20 round mags are $25 a piece from Buds or Hoffmans. So compare that to $8 combloc or chugo mags!
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