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  1. OK, you asked for it so here is my pic, an old guy, living up in the mountains in Western Maryland, not to be confused with the Peoples Socialist Republic of Maryland which lies to the East. Proud owner of a Saiga 12 "Signcutter" built by Mike Rogers of Lone Star Arms. Anyone out there considering a Saiga 12, take some advice from one who learned the hard way, don't waste time and money on a Saiga build by someone you don't know. Pay the fee and get a quality build by, IMHO, the Saiga 12 Guru. I can't estimate the number of rounds I've run through my Signcutter with no FTF or FTE. Not only does it perform perfectly, it's quite a head turner at the range, everyone wants to know what it is and can they try it. As you probably noticed, the pic is not my Signcutter but rather a lightweight plinker used to shoot tin cans.
  2. Not on the Eastern side, trapped up in the mountains in Western section of The Peoples Socialist Republic of MD.
  3. Been shooting a Judge stainless, 6" barrel for several years and I love it. I use Winchester PDX1 shotshells and it has become my bedside weapon. I think you'll enjoy The Judge in any configuration.
  4. Thought you guys might enjoy this pic of my S-12 "Signcutter" built by Mike Rogers at Lone Star Arms. Note one shell hitting ground and three shells in the air.
  5. If I figure out how to do this....here is my S12, built by Mike Rogers at Lone Star Arms in Albuquerque, NM. Works like a charm, shoots anything I put in it, no FTF or FTE, worth the money. signcutter SAIGA.bmp
  6. The old adjusterr with a new toy, thanks to Mike Rogers at Lone Star Arms. A Saiga-12 that performs like it should. I have taken a lot of unusual guns to ranges and shooting matches but none have ever attracted the attention that this Saiga 12 does. I'm gonna go broke letting people fire it.
  7. Here is a picture of a happy old man, up in the mountains, with his Lone Star Arms Saiga 12. Everyone said Mike Rogers at LSA was the Saiga 12 Guru and they were correct. This gun couldn't function more perfectly, dumps a mag as fast as I can pull, with no FTF or FTE. My Lady and I ofter discuss the probability of Zombies coming out of Balto and DC if there ever is an emergency and it is quite possible we will have to defend what we have. Although I have always been well protected here, I can't imagine a better self defense weapon than a LSA Saiga 12. Mike, if you happen to read this, thanks for a great job, money couldn't buy a more efficient firearm. Take care. Ron Amos
  8. can someone tell me how to add a photo to a reply. I click on the image icon and get a window asking for a URL....what the hell is a URL?
  9. What do we look like?...How about a beat-up 72 year ole Mountain man with a beautiful Saiga 12, re-engineered by Mike Rogers at Lone Star Arms. It shoots as purty as it looks.
  10. What do we look like?....How about a beatup 72 year old mountain man with a beautiful Lone Star Arms Saiga 12 re-engineered by Mike Rogers. How's that for something purty!
  11. If all you folks out there who are commenting on the Westboro demonstrators want to do something very effective, go to www.patriotguard.org and join us in our campaign. It costs nothing to join, you need not own a bike, come in any vehicle, you dont have to attend any of the missions if you so desire.Your name on the PGR member list adds strength to our cause. If you choose to attend a mission, show up with a 3' x 5' flag on a pole and the Ride Captain will explain what is going on. I will tell you this, it is a moving experience you will not forget. If you want to see an example, Google Patriot Guard Riders and watch the many videos on both Google and Youtube. Don't waste your time writing back and forth on forums, Westboro couldn't care less about your opinion of them, the only action that has impact on their disgusting actions is a group of PGR blocking them from the grieving family. If the Westboro bunch gets to loud, we simply fire up a few Harleys, point the tailpipes toward the demonstrators, problem solved. Currently, I think the nationwide PGR membership is approaching 250,000. PGR really needs help in the area of Washington DC and Northern Virginia because of the many burials in Arlington National Cemetery. PGR, upon invitation by the family, will provide a flag line and escort to any Vet, First Defenders etc. Your membership will be appreciated by the PGR but more importantly, by the family members. When a grieving family member shakes your hand and thanks you for showing up, you quickly realize why you ride in the rain and stand in the hot sun and what an honor it is to do so. Come join us, we need your help.It's not about Westboro or any other demonstrators, it's all about respect for our military and the sacrifice they make for us.Thanks for reading this. Ron Amos, SSG, US Army, Patriot Guard member #18209.
  12. Hey Scoutjoe: Who is the girl holding the rifle? She looks incredibly like a friend of mine that I hunt with, she is also from PA, first name starts with "J".
  13. Back in April I posted I had purchased a Saiga 12 and sent it to Lone Star Arms in Albuquerque, NM for modifications. Well, I got the gun back a few weeks ago. Boy, let me tell you this, if you have, or are considering buying a Saiga 12, and are looking for a Gunsmith to do the necessary modifications, look no further. Mike Rogers at Lone Star Arms is the Saiga 12 Man. Check out www.lonestararms.com , under "Gallery" look at the Signcutter, that is the one he built for me. It is the most beautiful, wicked looking gun in my collection. It performs exactly as Mike said it would. I went through two boxes of Federal Game-shok in minutes with no FTF or FTE. Sure, some guys do their own modifications and that's fine. There are several very good shops who will do modifications at a lower price but, after paying more for the gun than I should have, I wanted it to perform perfectly. This gun will fire as fast as you can pull. Pay the price and go for the best.
  14. Sausage, Bacon, or "grease" gravy. Fry up enough bacon or sausage to get 1/4 inch of grease in the cast iron skillet, add flour and stir until the flour gets real brown, rapidly stir in a 50/50 combination of milk and water, keep stirring so it won't lump up. salt and pepper to taste. Serve over browned chunks of potato or bisquits. The white crap sold in most restaurants as "Sausage gravy" is little more than wallpaper paste and is unfit to eat. Thank God for Southern Cookin'
  15. Mike: AT LAST!!!, I found two boxes of Federal Game-Shok today and ran them through the Saiga. Excellent results, worked perfectly, that girl is wicked. I love it, one of my neighbors heard me shooting and came over to my range, he want's my Saiga. I will try some low brass stuff and see how it works but I'm sure it will be fine. My thanks for a beautiful, and more important, a beautifully functioning shotgun, I couldn't be happier. The final product is worth every penny and then some. I was able to run two boxes through with no pain in my screwed up shoulder, thanks to your recoil reduction program Anyone purchasing a Saiga-12 should simply box it up and send it to you so you can work your magic. Thanks again for a great product. Ron Amos, Indian Springs, MD.
  16. Considering the weight, cost, and risk of loss, might want to consider a quick trip in something that gets good mileage. Seems like most everything I receive, shipped by UPS or FedX looks like it was thrown off a three story building.
  17. Many years ago I was considering buying a Honda "Big Red", fortunately, a hunting companion had one and suggested I give it a try. The first thing I did was let my left foot get too close to the ground and ran the rear tire halfway up my leg. The worst part was coming down a mountain trail, not going fast, trail made a left turn and when I turned the handlebars I must have touched the throttle because the damn thing simply rolled over and landed on top of me. Needless to say I slowly returned to the camp and bought a Honda Trail 110, which I still have. My trail and hunting vehicle now is a Suzuki 500, 4wd which has been a great machine. Stay away from the three wheelers, they really are dangerous. For a long time a Honda dealer in WV had crated three wheelers he couldn't sell reportedly because of some government safety ban.
  18. I originally wrote, looking for a gunsmith in MD. After a lot of research I decided to go with Mike Rogers at Lone Star Arms. I was kinda sticker shocked but after reading all the reviews on his work I decided I wanted my one and only custom gun to do what I wanted it to do and in my opinion Mike is the Man. I'll let everyone know what the end result is when I get the gun back in approx. 6 weeks. I took your advice and joined MD Shooters, it's a great forum.
  19. I have a Judge with 6' barrel, great gun. Have you tried the Winchester PDX-1 ammo made just for the Judge? It is a .410 shell loaded with three copper clad discs and 12 BB's. I have shot several boxes and now will buy nothing but them for Home Defense. Google Winchester .410 and you will find a complete site on this ammo.
  20. Trying to load a picture of me with Big Gun, electronically challenged, here goes nothing...
  21. Well, here comes another new guy! I stumbled across a Saiga 12 video a few months ago and got a serious case of the fever. I found one at K-Var and probably paid too much, but at least I have one. After reading a lot of conversion posts on various sites, I decided I wasn't comfortable doing the conversion myself so today I shipped it to Lone Star Arms in New Mexico. Although I'm rather mechanical, I build vintage Harleys, I decided not to fool around with things that go bang. I reviewed everything I could find on Saiga gunsmiths and it seems Lone Star is very well thought of. It appears it will be about a six week wait but from what I have read, it will be worth the wait and the money. Lone Star sure builds a series of beautiful guns, I decided to go with the "Intimidator" model. You can check the various models out at www.lonestararms.com I sure appreciate all the info the longtimers have put on this forum, it sure makes good reading and a great source of info on what will probably be a favorite gun. Fortunately, I have my own 100 yard range and can't wait to run some shells through my new toy. Thanks again for all the hard work and info.
  22. Looking for a Saiga 12 Gunsmith in Maryland. Just received mine and want some modifications done. Funny, I build vintage motorcycles then ride'em at high speeds but don't really feel confident in doing the work on the Saiga.
  23. Other than 6 1/2 years in the Army, During my entire working life I worked as a Multi-line Insurance Claims Adjuster, also, I am always changing or modifying things, therefore, I'm the Adjuster, with the second r added from my name.
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