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  1. jakewade2169

    How can I contact anyone at MDARMS?

    Pretty sure I have it in the right way, the flat part that you see in the picture I have towards the rear and the side you can't see is dished but kind of plateaus in the middle, didn't think that side would do so well pushing on the rod, plus my stock one looked the same and that's the way it was installed when I pulled it out, but you never know if it was put together right in the first place. lol most of the pistons I see on the market are a cast stainless steel puck but I guess they coated this one with chrome because it was thier "booster" puck. I saw last night on the other forums that MD isn't selling stuff off of thier web site anymore but would still like to know if I could send this back to them if it was a warranty item. I have sent a couple of emails to them over the past 2 or 3 months, one on thier web site and one to another email address I had when they emailed me when I bought the drum, puck, and gas selector. And called the number on the web site but no luck, no one answers and thier mail box is full. I hope mike or someone from MD sees this cuz I think that's the only way I'm gonna get ahold of anyone over there.
  2. jakewade2169

    How can I contact anyone at MDARMS?

    I was wondering if anyone has gotten an email back from MDARMS or got some one on the phone from there? I have been trying to contact anyone over there for some info on my booster piston I bought from them a while back. Hell maybe some one here knows. I bought a booster piston as I stated and have fired probably about 300 or 400 rounds through the gun since installing, well last time I cleaned the gun I noticed the piston was flaking off some chrome on the face of the piston, right where they stamp the "MD ARMS" tag on the piston. Was wondering if this was normal, or if I should get a new one, or what kind of warranty MD had on their parts? Also on their web site they don't even show pistons anymore, did they discontinue? Well if anyone knows an answer that would be much appreciated or if anyone knows how to get some one over there to contact me back that would be even better. Here are some pics of the piston.
  3. jakewade2169