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  1. another random idea empty chamber rock action back 3 times check if gun is empty blah blah remove top cover , pull trigger keep finger on to simulate firing and then slowly rock action back and chech action and trigger group , check for (trigger slap?) or anything else sticking etc question - how much use has the gun had, new old ? whats the rear of the trunion like does the spring insert? fit into rear trunion good you may need to file it out a bit keep us posted
  2. interesting I assume different ammo amd mags will not change anything what about checkin the FCG the springs the rail one question _ when you fire nitros how far does it fling the empty shell sometimes I can find them but usually their about 15 - 20m away and when i change to 2 3/4 rounds and leave it on setting 1 it just drops out. whats yours doing when it works OK ?
  3. also isnt the 19" barrell saiga suppose to have 4 holes from the factory and the 23" 3 hole like mine I havent touched mine and I cant stop it from working no matter what I do
  4. You shouldnt need any lube in the gas system , try checking the size of all the holes compared to another of the same length (you should be able to find it on past threads) , nitros are pretty strong rounds to use , most factory saigas will run fine wether you cleaned it or not also look into shortening the gas block, alot of other short saigas have this done to them which may or maynot help , how short is it ?
  5. Went out hunting on christmas day with my mosin m44 , the first time ive used it for hunting . Ive had lots of practise at 100m and 200m targets and I hit them all , no fucking problem . anyway here I am stubbling throught the bush and I see a big red deer and a big albino , resting in the shade about 120m away , so I get down ninja up through the mud to within 30m of it , the buck spots me I aim directly at it BANG , and fuck I missed. My M44 was completly standard with bayonet . has anyone got advise or something for close shots within 100m
  6. The standard saiga chokes are full and medium plus your thread protector for open , full choke is quite tight giving a dinner size pattern at 40 - 50 yards , I think 75 yards is a bit far for shot , mediums good to use as the full choke is sometime too tight at around 20 -30 yards if you want to shot past 50 use slugs with the thread protector on
  7. very interesting info, I bet it will be hard convincing the old man ,maybe the old double barrells are 30" just to improve sighting. just about the last chart on spread , before everyone gets out their hachsaws is that with full choke or open does barrell length affect spread with a full choke ??
  8. yeah I think I have the shit round ones ill keep trying though thanks
  9. Ive been shooting my M44 mosin nagant a lot lately and decided to try some stripper clips , but I cant seem to use these fuckng things for the life of me , they go flying out sideways most of the time , is there a technique to this shit ? I thought the S-12 was hard enough to load maybe I need lot a practice
  10. A# first look at right hand side of gun by the trigger and see if you can see a shiny button this will hold the bolt back when pushed b# look to see if the end piece is welded or can screw on/ off , you want one thats not welded then you can have full medium or open chokes or a polychoke , brake or shark brake c# ???????????? d#????????
  11. Mine's been loose since the day I got it (new) and only failed shooting 2 1/2 shells on setting #1 I wouldnt worry about it Its a russian thing
  12. 3" buckshot works great close up it blows chucks of meat off
  13. Harden up man with alot of practice its easy to load a mag get back to that range and after youve fired another 2000 + rounds youll be sweet
  14. ook thanks ill get back to you on that , are you talking about the whole FCG ? in from new zealand thanks also what do they cost
  15. is there any info on converting the exisitng FCG for use in a converted saiga 12, the reason I ask is because finding people to ship from the U.S is really hard , does anyone know why ? is there a way around it ? thanks
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