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  1. You can get 20 rounds of 150grn "micro" Federal HST at walmart for $23ish. I ran that through my 43 and 26. The best way to buy is the 147grn HST in 50 round boxes, but they're hard to find, for me anyways. Could order online.
  2. Hope chat comes back soon.

  3. Paypal or USPS MO payment only, if trading, you ship first. Shipping to CONUS via USPS. If you are interested, please IM me, and email me at jmzzl762@gmail.com . Thanks for looking. Up for sale or trade is a brand new takeoff Remington 870 wood stock, from a Remington 870 Hardwood Home Defense model. Does not include the stock bolt or washer. Asking $65 shipped, OR trade for a synthetic black or green stock set. I'd prefer Speedfeed or Hogue, but may consider others, NO MAGPUL. Just contact me with pictures of what you have. Pics: Sale is for stock set only, shotgun not included.
  4. I have an 04 Liberty with the 3.8. Previous owner put a K&N cold air intake on it. Seems like it gets 0-40 pretty quick, but then its a slowpoke after that. YMMV
  5. A10 all the way. It's designed for close air support. Why do you need the F35? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  6. Definitely not obsolete, but impractical depending on the purpose.
  7. jmzzl

    Jmzzl's Sexy Album

    So much banana.
  8. Hope it gets fixed soon. Didn't really want to talk to Word anyways. Poor little guy.
  9. AR's don't get enough love here. Cool toy
  10. I hope CarnikCon comes back, Dugan Ashley is hilarious. Check out his other vids.
  11. I've always wanted one with some sort of competition sights for some reason. They are good looking rifles, plus its a 10/22, 'nuff said.
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