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  1. Oh look at this Kliegl, Got this message from the board.... Shaka Zulu, Kliegl has successfully added you to their friends list. Manage your friends: http://forum.saiga-1...profile&do=list Looks like you either dumb mule or just like looking like one. How about growing up a bit, do something constructive with your like.
  2. Wow must feel real good and manly like to....Shaka "NEGRO"..... wow what cool guy. Bet everyone thinks you're really cool. Best part is.... you were dumb enough to post that. That will follow you bro, trust me. By the way I haven't touched my "Profile Thing" so not sure what you're talking about.
  3. Everybody has a price..... they sold right? So questioning my strategy really serves no purpose. Chat at ya all next time and thanks for the input. So you say you sold the first one for your full original (but negotiable) price of $1600, then you immediately lower the price on the other one by a full $300? Hmm, seems kind of odd. Oh well, congratulations.
  4. *********************************************************************************************************UPDATE**************************************************************************************************************************** Sold one so only 1 left. New Sale Price of $1300 Get it while you can.
  5. Yep sure does and if you want the original stock and forearm its yours.
  6. Thanks for the complement JEEP... I think they're pretty cool looking too. I've seen sexier ones with all the bells and whistles, but for plain practicality I think these are great.
  7. You still looking? I have two.
  8. I'm just going off what all our dealers and distributers have been advising us around here. Apparently both Izhmash and the ATF aren't being straight up and there's a whole lot of hipe because of this. Regardless the fact is there are two S12s for sale if someone wants them. I didn't start this trend to rehash last month's biggest topic on nearly every gun forum. These are here now and I'm just looking to sell them. The document came with the guns, they just give a breakdown on the firearm, it's modifications and a paragraph about the importance of staying 922r compliant maybe its a new t
  9. Let me clarify. My meaning for NIB is that they are both brand new. Now to the overall idea behind the conversion. I wanted practical, it costs less for both parties and you get more bang for your buck. These are converted all the way down to 5 parts. That means the only other 922r part you can swap is the muzzle attachment. I chose to forgo the muzzle attachment to upgrade the gas system instead. Just trying to save both parties money. The only good thing about the muzzle attachment is breachability. But truly how many people will be doing that? I used to do it all the time, yo
  10. WTS Saiga 12 (Converted) NIB I have two brand new in the box Saiga 12 19" converted shotguns. Both have only 5 foreign parts making them totally 922r compliant. I'm asking $1600 for each. These are the latest production and were the last ones sold after the ATF's latest rulings. Buy them now before Uncle Sam says you can't. Description: Receiver : Russia Barrel : Russia Muzzle Attachment : Russia Bolt : Russia Bolt Carrier: Russia
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