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  1. Was looking at the pic thread and saw your 16" Saiga. Was wondering which ACE stock that was on it. The full length one or the shorter entry one. It looks quite a bit shorter than your HK so that got me to wondering. Thanks For Your Time.


  2. did you have to do any major mods to get the psl stock to fit your saiga

  3. texlurch


    Could you add more details on how the bipod is mounted? Did you just go thru the cooling holes on the handguard? My PSL as well as others I've seen really likes the Czech light ball. The 7N1 was designed for the SVD and is a little heavy as the PSL's seem to like 150 gr. and below bullets. Plus the light ball is easier to find, cheaper, and has less recoil. I was also impressed with the factory trigger, and a little time spent polishing and some FP-10 make a noticeable difference.
  4. After shooting my PSL, I just wish the Saiga BHO worked automatically... sure is a nice thing to have. I left mine out and think I will one day get around to reinstalling. Bolt is pretty snug on those FBMG 20 rd mags.
  5. I used the Red Star Arms VEPR FCG and it is very nice, and adjustable.
  6. If I slow down and relax some, it pretty much makes a ragged 2" hole with 8-10 rds. The PSL surprised me with the factory trigger and all. Note that the sight in holes are pretty much double taps.. kinda all over figuring out the PSOP scopes... duh!
  7. I've seen a couple of these stocks that had the bottom cut off completely, similar to an RPD style. They seem to hold up fine. My main thing is to try and finish off the part of the slot that is showing after I cut the receiver back. I guess I could cut a sliver of wood and glue it into the slot, do my reshaping and just recut the slot at the end. May add a screw down from the receiver to help hold the PG up... hmmm
  8. I have to say a 21" is every bit as accurate as a non-tweaked M1A. Here are a couple rapid fire targets at 100 yds. from my PSL and Saiganov... shooting Czech light ball out of the PSL (those are sighting in groups) and South African surplus out of the Saiga. Only gripe I have on both is they tend to vertical string in rapid fire as the barrel heats up. Saiga off a bipod, PSL off a bag. PSL has a 4X scope, Saiga has a 6X...
  9. OK, so I want to cut and change the angle on the PG part of my drag stock, to more closely resemble the PSL. I plan to cut the radius on the rear of the Saiga receiver, then file/sand the stock. question: what is a real good wood glue I can mix sawdust with to fill the receiver cut? Once the receiver is trimmed part of the slot in the stock will be exposed. Plus when I get the angle and narrow the PG part, I will probably be getting in the slot and am worried about the stock splitting. They are cheap enough I may pick one up for a guinea pig. I have been hunting around for an original PSL stock, but haven't found one yet. Here is a pick with my PSL above the Saiganov; I want to match the rear of the receivers and PG angles. I may even go so far as to add the rivet plate reinforcements.
  10. I am actually thinking that I need to study my magwell in the G3 and CETME, and see if I can maybe weld something up. Never know!
  11. I experimented last year with a cheap Taiwanese mag and welded bar stock for the tabs. It still has some issues I need to fix and massage, but I don't see any reason it won't work. Pics and info are here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=14499 But I can see where it will be a one at a time, fit to rifle thing, so trying to mass produce them would be a challenge. Myself, I would still like to see BattlerifleG3 produce his G3 mag adapter. That would solve all my worries and use cheap, barely modified G3 mags.
  12. I am very fond of my Saiga's.. luckily they don't have a jealous bone in their sexy slim bodies. They never look down on me if one of the AK gal's catches my eye with a glint off their lightly stained buttstocks.. or their cousin SKS family wants to unfold a bayonet or two, just to play mean. Or maybe that lady in black the G3 whispers in my ear "take me, I'm all yours.. get me hot" Or even when one of the old mil-surp Mosin gals shake their roughed up tail feathers and want to get a little rough.. Ahhh, so many choices, so little time...
  13. Would really like to see this come about. Still waiting for the day you decide to make a run of these so I can get one.
  14. Just to go back to your list of MBR; my 16" Saiga shoots every bit as good as my CETME's, G3, M14.. don't have a FAL to compare. My 21" Saiganov with scope does just that little bit better than the others, but they have open sights so how do you compare? Once you get out to 200 yds you are dealing with a lot of other variables beside the rifle. And to the mention of bedding a K31.. everyone I have seen or shot does a lot better when the barrel is free floated; my K1911 tightened up considerably when I relieved the stock off the barrel.
  15. I can absolutely verify the gas tube is the same; I have a Romy tube on my 308 Saiganov I don't have an Ultimak on there, and the only interference I can see would be the barrel diameter, but I don't know that the 308 OD is that much larger.
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