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  1. You definenitly want to drill holes into your stock for the screws before you put the screws in. Its highly likely the stock will split if you don't. I used a solid wood Bugarian set with standard AK fixed stock screws for mine and it worked perfect. I cut about 3/4th a inch behind the tang of my stock (equal to the thickness of the ACE Folding Mec) so that me length of pull would be standard AK Length. The set-up is solid as a rock. I tried everything (except bashing it into the ground) to get it to come loose and it didnt. Im sure you can break and wood stock if you wanted too, but as far as
  2. Sold Pending Funds I've got a Like New Benelli M2 12ga Shotgun with a 26" Ribbed Barrel (less than 100 Rounds fired) Comes with 5 Chokes, Choke Wrench, Hard Case, & Manual's I bought it to convert it into a 3-Gun Style shotgun, but I never got to it. I took it skeet shooting twice and thats it. $750 + $20 Shipping with Tracking & Insurance. Payment via Postal Money Order. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask. ...Also If you need detailed pictures of anything just let me know & I'll get them posted. Thanks for your t
  3. SOLD AP Customs 4x4 Shot Shell Carrier. IMO the best quality Carrier made for quick reloads. Made from solid aluminum so you know its going to hold up. Comes with a Quick Release Clip that can be attached to just about anything This one has only been used for a handful of indoor reloading practices. I bet its only been loaded 5-6 times in total. Condition is 99.8% I have more than I need so this one is up for sale. Retail on these is $70 plus shipping. Asking $55 Shipped via Priority Mail w/ Tracking Postal Money Order for Payment If you have any questions please do
  4. You won't find one available @ anywhere near this price. Its in excelent shape, Shoots awsome, & its been 100% reliable! Check out some Vids of it on my YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs2t915XOl0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmx8wUm9Gt0
  5. Selling off the rest of my S-12 stuff to help fund a Teryx4 I've got..... *Four S-12 Izhamsh 5-Round Mags. ~ $26 Shipped (each) ALL SPF *One S-12 Izhmash 5-Round Mag that I modified to try to squeese in a 6th Round. The 6th Round still doesnt fit, but the mag still works. ~ $17 Shipped SPF *One S-12 AGP 10-Round Mag. ~ $26 Shipped SPF *One MD Arms S-12 Flash Hider. ~ $23 Shipped SPF *One Carolina Shooter Supply Bolt-on S-12 Trigger Guard. ~ $32 Shipped SPF *One ERGO AK47 Pistol Grip. ~ $16 Shipped *One ERGO Rail Grip with Quick-Lever. ~ $32 Shipped
  6. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Looking to sell a few of my firearms to free up $$$ for a Sand Dune Toy I've got a Kriss Vector .45 Special Detail Pistol for sale. Its in very good condition. I shot a little over 1000 Rounds through it and never one experienced anything less than perfection! Never once did it jam while I was shooting it. Its an awesome little pistol and with a shoulder or neck sling Its as steady as an SBR with a buttstock. I'm offering the Vector in a few different packages. Kriss Vector w/ One 13-Rnd Mag, & Single Point Sling $1320 + $20 Shipping with Tracking &
  7. Looking to sell some of my sights to free-up some Cash. Trijicon ACOG TA33R-9. (Red Chevron 3x powered .308 Ballistics Reticle Scope) The scope is in Excellent Condition. Comes with a Pelican Padded/Sealed Hard Case, Lens Pen, & Manual. This thing would be killer for a .308 Saiga! My Magic # is $690 shipped via Priority Mail with Tracking. SOLD PENDING FUNDS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight. 1x20 sight with a 3MOA Red Dot, & a UTG 0.5" Riser Mount, & Lens Covers Loo
  8. Damn I hope Legion USA comes through!!! ...IZL-46 Saiga 12 FTW!
  9. Is it me or did that guy a little goofy trying to use that stock? I think I liked the stock more before I saw how it looks and works close-up. I don't like the loose fit of it on the AK. Looks like quality has gone down, and it doesnt looks like it works as good either (or maybe that was the user?).
  10. I'd say keep the $99 price on the GlassBolt Then offer the Trigger Job as a 2nd Service (even if it's higher priced than would be as a package)
  11. Damn! ...how many days of gifts to you get with Hanukkah? I may need to seriously start thinking about converting!
  12. YEAH! I bought one for my AR before most people knew they existed. After spending $350 for the stock I quickly found out that I couldn't really afford to play with it. You easily blow through $10 in about 2-3 seconds ("IF" you're using cheap ammo). I shot through $250 in ammo the 1st day. I had it installed for about a month (Its nearly impossible to have it installed without using the bump fire feature). I decided to sell it. Its fun to play with but not very practical
  13. Yeah I don't think a single mag pouch would work but a double wood. Yesterday I was searching for .308 molle gear to go with my SCAR and found these guys Try this double for $16 http://www.bdstactic...azine-pouch.cfm Or this quad for $24 http://www.bdstactic...azine-pouch.cfm .....They also make a chest rig with 4 double stack holder (for 8 .308 mags) which would be pretty nice if you were only going use 5-Rnd'ers If quality is as good as it looks im going to be ordering alot of stuff from them after Christmas
  14. who nedes splel chcke anyyaws? if pelope cnat fgirue it out, tehn mybae tehy wrenet manet to konw.
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