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  1. I have a extra plate if you are interested you can pm me
  2. And it will be mine It's a lot of money and i told myself I was only going to buy one gun this year but didn't have this planned till i saw this one for sale. i wanted one for a while just put it at the end of my wish list well I've offically reached the end. Yea me swwwwweeetttt
  3. I can not remeber how to take the safety off since the s12 has not been running in so long.

  4. That's pretty damn snazzy!! I wouldn't mine having mine done, also
  5. You have a S12 correct? What Glock are you looking at?
  6. Awesome. Can't wait to get the S12 running again. I got two tvs I need to destroy.
  7. No offense to the OP, but that hulk shit is funny. lol How will you fix the leg of a chair when it breaks?Duct tape Duct tape is for amateurs.Hot glue can mend everything from a broken heart to a flat tire.
  8. Cool, when I read your post that had 650-750 OTD locally, I figured might as well go with Classic.$613 is not bad. My CFO would never let me hear the end of it, if I did not get it from the cheapest place. Have fun with your new baby. Get a bottle of Tylenol, I'm sure you'll need it for the nice bruise your going to receive the first day when you put 100+ rounds through it.
  9. HAHAH! You seriously turned it into how much I can bench press. It was a joke. Calm down hulk. Most people have a set of pliers, and a drill. If you don't, simply go buy some. How will you fix the leg of a chair when it breaks?
  10. ^ This.. If you do not own a drill, pliers, small vice grips, center punch, and a screw driver you should probably question your man hood.
  11. ummm, congrats? So you are going to pay $100-200 more to purchase locally? $499 is a steal compared to what people are charging locally here.600-750+ OTD for something I can just pay the store $25 dollars, and get $150-200 cheaper is ridiculous. That's enough for the conversion.
  12. Why should we help you win a AK, when I'm sure all of us would like to win one also. What are we getting out of it giving you a point? Do we get a reach around at least?
  13. Carefull, she might use it on ya. ...................................................................................................................................................... I defiantly would not be worried about that. Takes her 15 minutes to load a mag,rack it, and take it off safety. She won't put any effort into getting faster, but a hell of a lot of effort doing her hair. WOMEN!
  14. <Link Removed> Still don't see it?? I also bought one from CSS not to long ago. Shoulda, coulda,woulda waited, but didn't. Oh well. Might buy another while my girl is out of town. When she gets back....SURPRISE! I just spent more money on myself!
  15. Hmmmm.... Nice idea..... LOL
  16. Sweet... I'm thinking about picking a 7.62 up,also!
  17. Were was I during the AR deals?I had money burning holes in my pockets, but could only find some shirts. No need for a new tv, or kindle. I wanted a Saiga 7.62 .
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