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  1. Thank you for the new photos. It's nice to be able to see this from new angles. I do wonder why they're not available with an AK100 series solid folder though. I've found those to be much more comfortable of a stock design than the triangle folder.
  2. Sorry all. I very rarely visit here anymore. The handguard retainer is the bolt-on one sold by Carolina Shooter's Supply. The steel one, not the aluminum. It's a K-Var stock set, so it's more of a brownish plum color. While I would have loved real Russian plum, it just wouldn't have worked for 922r unless I changed some other things I didn't want to, like the piston, or followers and floorplates.
  3. Also, it has had a bullet guide installed, and the magazine catch was filed down to allow the use of standard AK47/AKM magazines to be used with it. There are a few more things I would love to do with it, such as having the stock adapter welded to the receiver, duracoating all of the metal black, and having the gas block pressed off, the barrel notched, & having a real handguard retainer installed instead of the bolt on it currently has to have. But unfortunately it will be awhile before I can afford to have any of those things done. But in the meantime, she shoots fine, so I'm qu
  4. Yes, it is the slant back. I bought the adapter from Carolina Shooters supply as soon as I saw he had them in stock. The plum furniture is a K-Var Warsaw length, which fits me quite nicely. No, unfortunately none of the magazines are from the Molot plant, as I've had no luck finding any at other than collector's prices. I would love some 40 round bakelite or steel mags from them though. I suppose the circle 10 40 round magazines I'm going to order will have to do though. All of my mags are new, & are mostly Serbian PAP mags (with the last round bolt hold open), circle 10 30 rounders, w
  5. And here she is all done.
  6. Just wondering: will polymer AK 100 style handguards fit on either pistol? My wife wants her own AK, and likes shooting my vepr, but it gets too heavy for her very quickly. So we've been looking into getting her an AK pistol with the arm brace instead. I was wondering if I could lighten it up a few more ounces for her by switching the furniture over to polymer. So will either regular handguards or krink handguards fit either pistol? She loves purple, so I'd really like to do a plum setup for her.
  7. Ah, thank you very much. I've got a Bulgarian on order now. Now all I need is a slant back stock adapter, & I'll be ready to finish this sucker.
  8. I'm looking for some help. I've got a type 01 Vepr in 7.62x39mm, and I'm in the middle of converting it to something more traditional looking. Does anyone know what kind of gas tubes are interchangeable between models of AK's and Vepr's? I'm looking for something that will hold an upper handguard and drop in with not much more than some minor filing if at all possible. I've been looking online and all I've found that's vepr specific is dinzag's, & after contacting him he said he was out and that the waiting list was 30+ deep currently. I've also talked to people who've told me that I
  9. Man, that'll be a bitch to conceal....
  10. I've had mine for two weeks now, and I'm dying to get to the range and try it out. Just gotta find the time to do it. I've got HST 230 grain, a Remora #6 with full sweat shield, and a Remora dual mag holster with sweat shield all ready to go once I put some rounds through it and am satisfied with the performance.
  11. 2 of the 7 round XDs magazines for the pistol I put on layaway last month, & another 100 rounds of 124 grain HST for my wife's carry gun.
  12. You know, that stock on the AK would've been a much nicer option for our saigas to come into the states with instead of the current configuration. But anyway, all I know is that I'm glad my family left California for a much freer state in 1979, it's done nothing but go downhill since then. I can't imagine ever going back there.
  13. God, first gun I ever shot? All I remember about it was that it was some sort of tube fed .22rifle that my dad used to own. The first handgun I ever shot was a S&W model 10 in .38 special, and he still owns that. My very first gun purchase was a brand new Ruger P95 I bought shortly after turning 21 in 1996. I ended up selling it to another deputy from my old department about 2 years later. I wish I still had it, it was a great first gun. I kept it loaded with Hydrashoks, but damned if I can remember the grains. Now my daughter, she got to "shoot" her first gun when she was 3. A S&
  14. Now where is the bayonet lug, the barrel shroud, and the 37mm "flare launcher" attachment points at?
  15. OK, I only watched the first video, but the end where he threw his knife had me cracking up, followed by the "tannerite and raccoon" comment.
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