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  1. I am getting 1-3/4" to 2" @ 100 yards with PPU match ammo and 3-4" and the sometimes flyers with surplus ammo , I love my Vepr i just need to save some cash for that IWD drag stock.
  2. I received my vepr last Wednesday couldn't pass up the price and the free shipping and the rear stock was finished .but i shot it today and it crack .
  3. I have taken it to a man who use to sell norinco sks,and polytech ak and who had been there at the factory and he was pretty sure it is factory.It is posted on sks surviors broads and no one has really replied any information just comments i was hoping for better answers .If anyone is interested it is under sks pics ,it is easier to read it there then for me to post it here.There are detailed pics on there. and a email for a guy that said he was at the 1993 shot show and he tried to get them but because it was cheaper to buy a 7.62 x39 then to make the 22lr as it was cheaper to buy a ruger 1
  4. I didnt pay 5000.00 for it and i wouldnt expect to sell it for (maybe someone would pay that), that but if someone had a chinese dragunov laying around i would tade for it .I only paid 200 at a pawn shop for it .rumor is it is to have it;s own mag for it ,in the style of a 10/22 mag.but i dont have it .it does use 10/22 mags that it came with from the shop.
  5. I picked this up a few weeks ago factory chinese polytech 386 sks in 22lr I know,.I know it isn't supposed to exist , But maybe slim chance someone has information i did get some from some other forums just looking to see anyone on here has any.
  6. Does someone know how i can find the post of Tromix doing a conversion of the 100 series 308 , I been trying to find it on here but no luck. thanks
  7. I picked this up at Small Gun show 3 weeks ago .The dealer who had it told me he has had it for 4 years on his table and no one ever looked at it , I bought it because since this Big Panic the prices have been going up and at this show there were only 2 308's there,But dealers were asking 1200 for them when i saw this one I kinda new what it was, And the price was right for 499.00 ,I did order a 10 round mag from CSSPECS which looks great and fits nice,but maybe will it alone now that they are rarer then i thought....but then again it is really hard not to want to change it a just a little.
  8. HI everyone looking for some info, I just picked up a Saiga 308-100 series. I don't see much info out there about it and am wondering if the barrel and receiver are the same as a Vepr 308.The only thing i want to change on it is the front hand guard and muzzle.
  9. Hi ,I just picked one of these 308-100 today at a gun show, Dealer said he has had it for 4 years but no one ever gave it a second look, I knew right away what it was and picked it up.I think it is pretty sweet but for the dolphin looking front ,But i don't see much info on them . Why was the reason they didn't bring more in the states . I am looking forward to the 10 round mag i just ordered from CSSPECS. Any one have new information the rifle I would like to hear about it. thanks
  10. I thought i just needed a rifled choke and slugs i was wrong. lots of good info thanks
  11. Thanks for the info GunFUn. Kindapointless honestly i have no idea,I just decided that i would like to hunt with my 12 because we have a separate season for shotgun ,And this would give me more hunting time,I thought i just needed to get the rifle choke.But let me tell you what i would like to do. I would like to be able to shoot 100 yards as i don't normally shoot farther then that with my rifle, Minnesota has lots of woods so a round that will go threw small limbs and brush so what ever you think would be great to get me in the right direction. thank you
  12. Wondering if anyone knows were I can get or who has the saiga 12 choke that is rifled for slugs, I thought Tromix made them but doesn't anymore. Has anyone used this choke and is it worth finding one.I would like to hunt with my saiga 12 thinking the rifle choke would give me more distance.
  13. Ya, I know that saying .Still kicking myself in the ass because i passed up the chance to buy a Saiga 308 for $425.00 and said to myself i well see one again. I have seen them again just not for that price. Oh well can't win them all:)
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