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  1. Howdy Up for sale are a few items. 1) A used Taurus M44 with a speed loader and one 50 round box of Blazer "44 S&W Special 200 GR GDHP" (a 50 round box of Blazer .44 Special Gold Dots). It's made of stainless steel with a 4" ported barrel. This is a 6-shooter. Asking $350 * SOLD PENDING FUNDS * 2) A brand new in box Armscor MAP1 MS pistol with one magazine. This is a license-built copy of the original size Tangfolio/EAA Witness. It has a full size frame and shorter 3.66" barrel. CZ75 mags are interchangeable. Why is it BNIB? Because the vendor I bought it from sent the wrong one (I ordered the polymer MAPP1-MS) and they "never got the polymer models back in". The pistol for sale is all steel. Asking $350 3) An Enfield 2A1 rifle chambered in 7.62x51 and a 400 round ammo can of OFV 74 ammunition to feed it. Rifle is in the same condtion as it was imported in. Late 60s manufacture. Asking $500 for the package. 4) A very lightly used (less than 20 rounds through it) Hi-Point 9mm carbine. Comes with one mag and a BSA red dot. Asking $200 for the package. 5) Brand new in box Armory USA K-101 rifle. This is a milled receiver AK chambered in .223 Remington. One of only 156 built by Armory USA in Houston, Texas. This is unfired and includes the original box with contents. Asking $1200 * Sold pending funds * 6) Cetme kit with brand new Spanish barrel. Also includes a brand new bolt carrier group from a Cetme armorers chest. Asking $400 Now here's the fine print: None of these will be shipped by me. These are all face-to-face deals if you can meet me in this area of Houston: However, if you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE something, I will be more than happy to drop the item off at an FFL dealer's business in the above area ( I have a list of them for you to choose from ) and the buyer can make arrangements with the FFL for shipping. OBO Pix on request. Posted on multiple forums. As usual, first time stamp on the post in this thread/PM/email saying "I'll take it" gets dibs on the item. Thanks for looking.
  2. I saw this today on another forum and was simply stricken speechless. . . It's a bullpup stock for an AK pattern rifle. Here are the perverts purveyors of this crazy thing: <Link Removed> (don't hurt yourself when you visit)
  3. nalioth

    Pad options for a Romy side folder?

    Buy your baby a new shoe.
  4. Your request makes no sense. You want your gun close when you are sleeping or at home, but you want it locked up? How is that going to do anything for you? If it's locked up, it might as well be locked up in a safe or a gun case. In my case, I use the principles of physics to lean the rifle against the corner behind the door. It works well, and is free of charge (doesn't lock, though).
  5. That's not normal. Is the Shepard's crook installed & pins in place? The shepherd's crook has nothing to do with "swinging down near vertical", but I'll bet someone forgot to re-install their safety stop.
  6. nalioth

    Will this brake work?

    That's what some folks have been using w/o any issues. P.S. That's not a "brake", but a "front sight block". The muzzle device (muzzle brake or flash hider) attaches to it.
  7. nalioth

    the lightest AK-74

  8. nalioth

    Weiger mag question

    They are very reliable. The only reason you don't see more of them out there is that they don't help with 922r. That, and Surefire only produced the modded-metal-milsurps until it could get it's U.S. made plastic mags to market.
  9. nalioth

    Still confused about magwells????

    Didn't someone make a mag chute? This was a thingy-ma-bob that looked like something a mag well, but just lined your mag up with the factory mag slot (so all you had to worry about was locking it in at the correct angle). Basically a mag well without the front and rear parts that require mag modification. If this is something I read about in a dream and doesn't really exist, please mark me up for a percentage
  10. I think we need to stop posting old news articles.
  11. nalioth

    Gangster turns table.

    I don't think it matters "when" this happen. It is the fact that some douch rocket, scum bag is has his hands on toys he/she shouldn't. . . and you don't stop to think that the media isn't going to report that the weapon was found (if it was)? They may have recovered the weapon the next day, but the media wouldn't report that. Oh no, they have other fear-mongering to do instead. You know the media only reports stuff to scare folks, and rarely (if ever) reports "weapon found" stuff (to better keep the sheep quaking under their bedcovers). They're fear-mongering, and so are you for reposting a year-old news story w/o calling the Clayton Co. offices and finding out if the weapon was recovered. A lot can happen in a year.
  12. nalioth

    Weiger mag question

    Thanks. I've heard it both ways. That's one of the problems. The thing is that rounds from a Weiger hand cycle smoothly into my S223. The bullet height in relation to the chamber seems to be about ideal. I suppose actual fire cycling could be different. You're basing your theory on one magazine? Get the bullet guide. It'll save you some heartache. I have no theory. My comment about hand cycling was merely an observation based what I have seen with my three mags. I also checked my records and these are Weigers that were modified by Surefire. AHA. They're not really "Weigers" any more, then, are they? Surefire modified Weigers way back when the company first got started (also modified steel milsurp 7.62x39 mags) to fit Saigas w/o any modification to the rifle. A standard (unmolested) Weiger will not work w/o a bullet guide.
  13. You're probably gonna regret not buying the PC version (which would still support Bethesda). New Vegas Nexus offers mods for the PC version that'll keep the game fresh for a long, long time. I'm still playing new stuff from Fallout 3 Nexus in Fallout 3 on my PC. Once you finish all the quests on a console, you're stuck with a shiny disk. On a PC, the mods keep coming . . .
  14. nalioth

    Weiger mag question

    Thanks. I've heard it both ways. That's one of the problems. The thing is that rounds from a Weiger hand cycle smoothly into my S223. The bullet height in relation to the chamber seems to be about ideal. I suppose actual fire cycling could be different. You're basing your theory on one magazine? Get the bullet guide. It'll save you some heartache.
  15. nalioth

    Weiger mag question

    Thanks. My own search on this question turned up that thread, and while useful in terms of the 223 mag options, it does not answer my inquiry whether a bullet guide is necessary for Weiger mag use in my S223 (which does not have a bullet guide). I've researched this issue and have never seen a clearcut definitive answer to the question. Yeah or neah? All military magazine use requires a bullet guide. The Weiger weapon system was produced by East Germany for military use.
  16. nalioth

    Gangster turns table.

    The story is from last year, folks. September, 2009 from the byline in the story.
  17. nalioth

    Gangster turns table.

    Did you miss the byline?
  18. nalioth


    The Texas AK Triggers FCG is modeled after actual military FCGs (unlike the Tapco). Do you have a cleaning kit like this? If so, the little ¾" steel pin is there to hold the trigger and disconnecter together for reassembly while in the field. It is pushed out when you insert the pivot pin. (y'all know y'all was wonderin' what that that little pin was for)
  19. nalioth

    trigger wont reset

    Everyone that has owned an AK has had this issue. Take a look inside and make sure your hammer springs are resting across the trigger legs, and not straddling or under them.
  20. I did not know they made triggers, cool, I would say it will work it is only a spring and should be the exact same diameter.... Arsenal's US-made trigger groups are notorious for "trigger slap", as they're designed to work with Arsenal rifles only. If your rifle doesn't have the overtravel bump sticking out of the bottom of the receiver (aka "the huge fuc***g rivet"), trigger slap is inevitable with these. To the OP, a disconnecter spring from any of the more than 60,000,000 Kalashnikovs (including the Saiga) out there will work in your new FCG.
  21. To throw a wringer into the works, K-Var's US made poly side folder uses 4.5mm pivots pins, so they are able to market it to all the folks with AKS-74 kits/rifles.
  22. nalioth

    Grip w/ compartment

    I'm not sure if it goes for all bolt on trigger guards........but I do know the Tromix isn't compatible with rifles. The S12 is pretty much it's own gun. Non-caliber specific accessories for the rifles will fit the S20, and S410 w/o any issues.
  23. The only difference is the pivot pin diameter. The Russians went to a 5.5mm pivot stock pin with the solid polys. The Russian and Bulgarian AKS-74s use a 4.5mm pin.
  24. Are there any alternatives to this that might use an internal receiver mount? I generally avoid kvar like the plague. While they may have some unique/proprietary products, I try not to get price gouged when I can help it. Kvar can't be the only one with these. You can always order from Great Britain or Russia. K-Var is the only place in the USA with them in quantities.