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  1. Want to sell my Kalinka POSP 6x42 Rifle Scope w/ 400 Meter Rangefinder, AK Version brand new with carrying case. http://kalinkaoptics...ak-version.html "SOLD" Thank you MT Predator
  2. nice piece...like the use of the para cord
  3. heres mine I'll try and take another with the rifle propped up
  4. Finally completed thanks to many members, CSS and Chaos. Saiga 7.62 X 39 CSS: Modified G2 FCG Bullet Guide Tapco AK T-6 Folding Skelton Stock Tapco SAW Grip Chaos: Quad Rail Kalinka Optics: POSP 6 X 24 and more
  5. Happy 236TH Anniversary to all my fellow Marines. Semper Fi
  6. It was very tight getting it to line up with the original forearm screw but once that was done it made everything solid. I am very pleased with the fit and already added a light and handgrip will post pics in the pic forum later as I am now complete in my conversion.
  7. Here it is baby.....still need to add some things to the quad.... and one more
  8. Sweet, how does it feel without the trigger aasy moved forward.....
  9. I sent an email to Chaos on Tuesday they answered me on Wednesday and stated, " We are getting them back this week and will begin shipping." I am psyched and can't wait
  10. Getting the parts in the mail is like Saiga Porn good luck with your conversion I look forward to watching your videos and welcome to the Forum
  11. Cameron, Not that I'm anxious or anything, is there any new word on when they'll ship?
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