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    Atlantic Firearms has 10 S-12's as of 7am March 16. $739

    Glad I got mine a few weeks ago from Atlantic Firearms! I saw the prices goin up everywhere and they had the best deal!
  2. blakc3

    Where do I get the best deal on Saiga?

    atlanticfirearms.com has some decent prices
  3. blakc3

    Trigger reset problem

    Thanks Paul, I think you've nailed it friend!
  4. blakc3

    Trigger reset problem

    Hadn't even thought of that Caged! I'll check that out!
  5. blakc3

    Trigger reset problem

    Thanks Wash, makes me feel a little better that I'm not the only one! I've tried for the life of me to replicate it while I have the weapon broken down too and I can't and that's what really worries me is that it only does it during live fire! I'm completely baffled!
  6. blakc3

    Trigger reset problem

    I recently bought my first Saiga 12 and was having problems with the trigger not fully resetting itself. When I fire, the round will eject and cycle a new round in to the chamber just fine but the trigger just doesn't always reset. I figured doing the trigger conversion would help but it hasn't. I've fired everything from low grade to high grade ammo and it's happened with all brands so I don't think it's just the ammo I'm firing and it'll pass a functions test every time. Any advice?