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  1. Remember folks, this isn't a forum for YOU, the member! It's for the "contributers"!!! Why would you think a forum would be for it's members! This place can't run without the contributers!!! There isn't a million other forums out there that manage to run without demanding money to do basic stuff.....oh wait....hmmmmm This place is the same as when I left it months ago. Douche bag big mouth mods (juggs...who we all know wouldn't talk to you face to face like he does here), and focus on $$$$$$$$.
  2. Looks awesome. For those complaining about the cost...c'mon. You have to pay $200 just to get the stamp to buy a full auto weapon if you want one...and that's TONS of money. $300 is peanuts to get full auto fire. So it's either $15,200 for a stamp and a full auto weapon, or $300 for a fulll auto S12. I can buy a lot of bulk pack for $14,900
  3. Boomstick12


    Hate AFG....LOVE standard VFGs.....all of my rifles have one. I run plastic too. They are lighter for starters, and if I come down hard on it, I'd rather have it break then bend a rail or cause damage to the actual gun.
  4. One of my guns has the UTG, but I cut the top rail short. No problem. My other gun I just put a Choas rail on it. Like the Chaos rail more, but haven't had a chance to use it yet.
  5. Boomstick12

    1st S12

    No prob! I'll be waiting for the green light! Sorry, I know you're frustrated...you'll get it sorted and once the gun runs like a champ it's all you'll want to shoot.
  6. You're welcome. However, being compliant with American made magazines is really easy, just buy an American made muzzle device and puck. May run you $50 for the parts but they are still useful even after you convert (which you'll eventually do ). So I could buy an American made thread protector and I would be good to go for high capacity mags? I am weary to convert becuase I always have had issues with semiautomatic weapons and I have finally purchased a brand new one with no issues what so ever. Lol I guess I don't want to mess with a good thing!!! I understand the hesitation, but converting it is really a great thing. As long as you know, for sure, you'll gun work now with ALL ammo, then the conversion should be no problem.
  7. I just pull it away from the surface a little when I use it. But I rarely use it....that's pretty much the key. Unless you like the scratch. Some do, some don't. Some of my AK's have it, some don't.
  8. Boomstick12

    1st S12

    Yeah, well, people told you, almost righ away what it was, and you choose to not listen to them. "huuurrr, well, I'm gonna try this...DOH! It didn't work, I wonder why? Can anyone tell me? "Gas problem".....Hurrr, I'm gonna try something else,,,DOH, it didn't work....WHY???" You straight up asked, people who KNOW what they are talking about TOLD YOU, and you didn't listen. What do you expect? I mean, you ASKED. ASKED, when you didn't even have to. SEARCH button. Others have had the same problem as you. I've seen the threads.
  9. Boomstick12

    1st S12

    People have told you the problem you choose not to listen. GAS PROBLEM.
  10. Got mine today...USPS took its damn time....Sorry about the quality, I used an Ipod Touch...I'll get the camera tomorrow.
  11. Yeah....Like a SWAT Team coming through your door, LOL! I know, I know... I'm going to get mega flamed by the suck-ups, "LEO's", and groupies... But it NEEDS said. The fact that this is a JOKE to some is VERY demonstrative and instructive on our society and it's attitude towards the encroachment of the police state. It is also PRECISELY why my family keeps a loaded S-12 with an MD-20 (staggered load), the S-.223 (SS-109), a few pump 12 guages (staggered loads), and some sidearms located at various secure points throughout our house, why we train to defeat body armor, and why we have "managed" choke points and fatal funnels throughout our house as well. NOT because of fear of a LEGITIMATE warrant (that is a non issue)- but if they hit the wrong house- as SWAT teams are documented to have done- with tragic results, COUNTLESS times in this country... They're going to regret it- In my book a home invasion is a home invasion- an act of WAR- regardless of costume or "authority". It is NOT funny, it is NOT a joke. It IS a legitimate problem and concern for every Free man and woman living in this land. Perhaps instead of casually "brushing off" this real threat to our personal privacy and security as amusing, you could take the time to consider YOUR reaction to a situation such as the photo suggests- and plan accordingly. Sorry for the tangent. I can just recognize the subtle indoctrination rearing it's ugly head, and won't let it pass. I'm sure you'll get flamed for that, but I totally agree. It's starting to get to the point that when I leave my house, I'm more afraid of the police. People may laugh, but really think about it. If a criminal confronts you, you shoot them, things go from there, and usually, if it's self defense, you're good. If a cop confronts you, they can lie, beat you, make things up, delete their dash cams, and get away with it scott free. As far as home defense. I have a 10 round drum with 00 buck. I don't have one in the chamber in the hopes that racking it will scare the scumbags off. I live in NY, so I basically have to prove that my life was in danger before I go blasting some scum even if they are in my house. And even then, because of NY I'm nervous about it. Not to be a dick, but it sounds like your gun is borderline reliable. Not trying to be a dick either, but I agree.
  12. I never got an email saying they got my order either....
  13. Ordered mine Jan 9th....haven't heard anything about it yet.....
  14. I have almost the same setup on my AR except I also have a vertical grip. My pressure switches seem to go fairly often so I just put the light far enough in front of my vertical grip that I can push it on and off with my thumb. Easy, and less stuff to go wrong.
  15. Too bad I wasn't still in FL, I'd like to take your guns. Again, logic. Autoplug is more complicated, more parts. The Vplug is one part. Statistically, if you shot round after round until failure, the Autoplug would be the first to fail. Again, I'm wondering why this has to be explained. More parts, more complicated, more likely to fail. Why does this have to be explained? It's like that with viturally everything. More parts = more chance to fail. My gun was work done by Cadiz. I could blast through the cheap stuff WITHOUT the Vplug with ZERO problems when I got it back from them, I just bought the vplug for the hell of it. OK.... enjoy your V-Plug and your Autoplug Are you talking to yourself? So, according to your logic of "more moving parts= more chance to fail".... a brand new Ford Model T would be more reliable than a brand new F-150? I'm just trying to understand. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I may not have the wherewithal to comprehend such simple concepts. Please bear with me. I want to learn. Does the V-Plug aid in ejection? How about that Gunfixer plug? It probably fixes something, right? Why didn't you just get a Gunfixer plug instead of sending to CGW? You could have fixed it yourself then. I'm not seeing what is a big deal about having a reliable S12 while using the factory regulator. Wide open is wide open.... is it not? wide open must not be wide open then. I think you may know a lot more about these weapons than I do and I am always willing to learn about things which I am interested in, but completely clueless about. Help me out here. Buy a plane ticket. You would be making a good profit on the first one that you are definitely going to take and the other two would be pure profit. They look great and run OK, but could probably use a little of that CGW reliability mojo. Your gun was made reliable my a long time pro. I wasn't smart enough to send any of mine in. Maybe I should have. I held a S12 for the first time ever in January 2010 and I'm still kind of a newb. You can't lose. It's not my logic that more parts = more likely to fail, it's simply plain old logic. And I'm not even going to bother getting into it with you if you're going to say dumb stuff like your Ford comparison. Yeah...that's really comparing apples to apples, isn't it? You sure showed me. The bottom line is this. My gun was made reliable by a pro. I don't know what you've done with the platform, even if you know a lot, I"m still going to go out on a limb and say Cadiz knows more. And my Vplug gun has NEVER jammed since I got it back from Cadiz. Shit ammo, from any drum or stick, from shoulder, hip, or any other firing position. Wait, I take that back. I had a surefire mag mess up once that caused some issues, but that wasn't due to the gas system. Oh, and I've NEVER had a problem adjusting or removing the Vplug. It's called putting a touch of never sieze on the threads..... I'm sure you're the Saiga 12 God though, and your guns run better than anyone else's in the world, oh great one. I'm somewhat curious as to what mental "issues" you have that make you almost immediately jump to rabidly challenging strangers on the net who have stated something you don't agree with. Do you have short man syndrome or something? Can't have someone even look like they might be calling into question your knowledge, huh?
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