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  1. Could I grind that screw off and fill the "hole". I really want to keep that screw in for extra hold. I really have a great lack of confidence in my ability to have those top two screws in correctly and securely, especially since I lack ability to get the stock in there flush to begin with.
  2. Yeah, I'm already scheming. Looking a 7.62 in the next month or so, but will probably be next Christmas for the conversion. I'm excited about it now that I know it was pretty easy. Here is where I am on my .223. I took one of the screws from the old Tapco quasi convert stock and tried to put it in the bottom hole. The instructions of the new Tapco didn't mention the bottom hole, nor did it provide a third screw for the bottom hole. Well, seeing how I already had the pistol grip attached, tightened, loctited, and I didn't have the PROPER TOOLS to remove and reattach the grip, I tried to g
  3. No, not the religious kind - the Saiga kind. I started out with a .223 with the Tapco T6 quasi-conversion. Since Christmas is the time of year you hit people up for stuff you probably wouldnt buy on your own, I got the cheap Tapco full conversion from Carolina Shooters Supply. I learned several things. It's easier than I was expecting. The most difficult part were those damn rivets from the trigger plate. I learned, though, that drilling them out from behind with a drill press is much more efficient than grinding them from the trigger guard side. Make sure you have a good center punch t
  4. I agree - thanks for your help, guys.
  5. Which Dremel and attachments do you guys suggest for a basic conversion? I have a $50 gift card to Lowes and have seen them with some basic accessory pack for about $45. Which attachments do you suggest for rivets, axis pins and the such? Also, is there anything other than the dremel and a drill and 3/16 bit I will need? I'm not overly mechanically inclined, so explain it like I'm a 4 year old. Thanks!
  6. Well, whats the latest from Magnolia State Armory? I know there is a MSA forum, but I get the feeling that if I post there, it won't ever get answered. Kinda like the email I sent to them 3 weeks ago, and again last week - both of which have gone unanswered. I'd really like a AR adapter for Christmas, but again I get the feeling I should order now and possibly get it NEXT Christmas. One thing I wanted to know is if the BASTARD is going to replace the regular AR mag adapter?
  7. Is the nut and bolt something Lowes would carry, or would I need to order?
  8. Is it possible to use Tapco T6 stock and pistol grip for a full Saiga conversion. The stock and grip set I'm referring to is the one that negates the need to do the conversion. Could it be used for the conversion if you wanted to? They look like the grip and stock which are sold separately. I'm considering a conversion on a used saiga 223 that already had the T6 stock set installed. Already having the stock and grip set cuts about 50% of the cost of a conversion. http://www.tapco.com/products/saiga/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=159
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