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  1. Me shooting 2¾ Winchester HP rifled slugs with MD Arms 20rd. drum. My drum still fairly new, sometimes FTE on 7th or 8th rd but only on slugs but no problem on bird shot. Need to use more often & break in http://youtu.be/CSUqfcJ4EOA
  2. Here's my son shooting my S-12 with Winchester #7 bird shot with MD Arms 20rd. Drum on #1 setting http://youtu.be/9ZUE4ocjOZY
  3. What do you guys think? Converted myself 5 months ago but never showed you guys.
  4. I like Winchester 00 buck with 12 pellets @ 1325fps but since having kids I'm afraid of going through walls in the heat of a gun battle, good thing our bedrooms are upstairs could care less about taking stuff downstairs
  5. Went out shooting & tried Remington 7 1/2, 1 1/8 oz shells. Shot mainly Winchester HP rifled slugs & 00 buck shot(about 800 rds) liked the feel of shells but might be a little overkill for the house so wanted to try a lighter shell. Went to Walmart & picked up 100 rd box of 7 1/2 shotshell I shot in setting #2 with no problems then tried in setting #1 also with no problems(I lucked out it fired in #1) but it felt too light after 800 rds of the slugs & 00 buck. I was satisfied with the grouping at 25 yrds at a 5 gal. propane tank but compared to the damaged the slugs made only
  6. Let me set this up, I was lighting ILLEGAL bottle rockets from my hand with no problems I had a tube that the stem from rocket sat in so I held tube & lit rocket & rocket took off in air & go BOOM!!!!! now my cousin tried to do the same thing but instead of having a tube to hold the rocket this DUMB ASS holds the stem, lights rocket & does not let go when lit & goes BOOM in his hand I noticed this after launching mine you cant hear me yelling LET IT GO as I'm walking towards him, I too was in the blast zone http://youtu.be/HSum13zDKjA
  7. Same issue with me too. I just made holes on receivers lightly bigger & lock tite down screw heads cover up & you cant tell at all
  8. Would use slugs I hear they have good hearing + I like shooting at a distance. Wanna test my skills on a moving target with just my AK iron sight w/ghost ring no fancy red dots or scopes just me & my gun
  9. I kept it basic, got SGM tri-rail got vertical grip & just tossed a bi-pod recently & works for me, shot around 500 rds only had for about 3 months
  10. Anybody out there go hog hunting? Hear Texas has year round hunting want to book a trip & would like to use my S-12 if I can & tag a 300lbs+ beast
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