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    Single Shot NO detachable mag S-12... NY compliant.

    Well, we disagree here. I don't decide on which fights I take up based on ability to win, I decide what I believe is right and act accordingly. Or, at least I try to. If I lose, I lose. Won't be the first time, and won't be the last time. And I find it extraordinarily unlikely that shots will get fired over this so I doubt anyone's life is on the line. At this point, there are more free states than non-free so resorting to violence doesn't make much sense to me. That said, I can say with honesty that I value a good death over a long life. I've stared down the business end of a gun and found the ability to not flinch before. Granted, I had less to lose then, but I like to think I still have that piss and vinegar in my veins. But, as far as the ability to win this thing in NY. Personally, I think the odds aren't all that bad. Tough? Sure. But far more folks than just gun owners are pissed at Cuomo. There are plenty of state workers in NYC who dislike how he's handled the budget, there are folks out of work who dislike how he's managed the state economy. Whether we get rid of the damned guy hinges more on the ability to focus on common interests and shared values, and our ability to downplay our differences. IF we can do that, and get behind a candidate that is willing to go to bat for all these disenfranchised folks, Cuomo is gone.
  2. sickness

    Single Shot NO detachable mag S-12... NY compliant.

    Yeah, I know, and I've said similar things myself. But it is also reality that despite how much something bothers you, you can't always just pick up and move. I've given the "hey just move if it comes down to it" speech myself at times in the past to fellow NYers at rallies over the last year, and I've had my view turned around by folks in circumstances that I had never considered that are very far removed from my own. Consider, for a moment, a fellow that I met that has both the means, money and DESIRE to get the hell out of NY, and has wanted to even before the SAFE act was passed (tired of NY winters). But can't because of his sense of duty in taking care of his ailing parents. I guess my point is that no matter how you want to spin people's personal desires, love of freedom, hatred of tyranny or anything else, one simple fact remains: having gun owners move out of NY is counter-productive to changing the gun laws in NY. That was my point, and nothing can take away from the obviousness of that.
  3. sickness

    Single Shot NO detachable mag S-12... NY compliant.

    Right on. The "move out of NY/CA/wherever" BS is old. Honestly, that is counter-productive. It would be more beneficial if gun-loving folks in free states moved HERE so that we could just vote all this asshats out in one shot. When we could all move to Cali and do the same there, etc. But that is entirely unrealistic, and so is simply moving for many folks. I have a family home here in NY as well, fortunately, my wife's place in VT is available for getting my shit out of the state when the time comes. Good thing the real estate market turned to shit back in '08, otherwise we probably would have sold her place. Another possibility that hasn't been touched on here for avoiding registration AND avoiding modifying the gun is to the disassemble banned guns. Pull the bolts and "trade" them to a friend for their parts. This way, you end up with say a stripped S12 and some AR15 parts, and your friend ends up with an AR lower, and some S12 parts. Both guns are non-functioning, won't need to be registered, and you guys can hook up at any given point to put them back together. I would think that would be legal, and would be safer for the guns than burial. Then again, tossing a gun in a PVC tube with a ton of dessicant really ought to be enough to protect it, I'd think.
  4. sickness

    Reloadable 12ga shells

    There is some misunderstanding here, then. The product would not use .45 ACP blanks. It would use powder and 209 shotgun primers; like their XD casing. The casing is far more durable than a normal shotshell, allowing many more reloads. It is field reloadable. The primers are held in by snap rings, and the whole thing screws apart for maintanence/cleaning and loading.
  5. sickness

    Reloadable 12ga shells

    No, it isn't a misprint. The screw-apart reloadable shell offers a lot of functionality over what normal ammo casings will get you; especially in the way of field-reloadability.
  6. sickness

    Reloadable 12ga shells

    Hi there guys, So I've been in contact with the owner of reloadableshells.com to make a 12ga shell based on their essential design. I've tried the Magtech brass shells, and the primer pockets have been out of spec for me, and I wanted something more durable than brass anyhow. He will do a run of shells in anodized 6061 AL. Price will be $30/shell, and we'll need to get a minimum qty of 50. If I get enough interested people, I'll front the money to have them built. Anyone interested?
  7. 2009 Saiga-12. Converted w/ Tapco trigger group Chaos extended quad rail Bulgarian thumbhole stock 1 10rd AGP magazine lightened/reshaped bolt works wonderfully This gun cycles federal birdshot well for me. Selling to lighten the load of guns I have around here in prep for moving.. also need $$ to fund some other projects. $1200
  8. sickness

    S12 Mag Bag

    10rd S12 mags fit perfectly in Romanian mag pouches designed for RPK magazines (40rd 7.62 / 45rd 5.45). The Romanian pouches I have are a navy blue color. I know for a fact they work beautifully. You can fit 4 10rd S12 mags in there with no issues. 12 round mags would probably work too, but you'd probably need to re-work the latch mechanism on the pouch. You probably want to do that anyhow to use velcro and make them easier to re-seal. There is also a small additional pouch meant for an oil bottle that holds a handful of 12ga shells nicely as a bonus. I suspect other comblock RPK pouches will work too, but I can't be sure. These pouches are also great for long SMG style mags. I use one to fit 8 30rd 45ACP grease gun mags. I bet 8 33rd Glock mags would fit in there nicely, too.
  9. I have a lightly used AK slidefire stock up for sale. $200.
  10. 8x 45rd bakelite mags 4x 30rd bakelite mags approx. 500rds 7n6 ammunition. $800 takes it all. I'd prefer to do it all in one transaction, but will consider parting it out if I don't get takers for the full deal.
  11. sickness

    PK Red dot optics....

    I'm with you on that, but for slightly different reasons. I've found that the auto-adjust on the optics I've tried worked fine, in both darkness and bright conditions.. though I am wary about such circuitry going awry and leaving a poorly visible reticle, I've found that isn't really a problem with the optics I've tried (no Russian ones, but I've used the Burris FFII, a Zeiss Z-point, and a few others..). The bigger issue for me is that without manual control, I can't tone down the dot. So if I want to try for a more precise shot, it is difficult if the dot is blooming. Hands free operation is nice, but I'll trade that and use a co-witness set up to deal with wash out in exchange for a more precise aiming point as needed.
  12. sickness

    IOR Valdada 3x25 WHOA!

    IOR is great, isn't it? Their glass is made by Schott Glasswerk, who also provides glass for Zeiss companies. I've heard rumors that IOR has licensed some of Zeiss' recipes for coatings, so conceivably one can get glass every bit as good as Zeiss from them, with a bit of savings to boot. I've used an IOR hunting line scope, and found the elevation and windage adjustments a tad hooey.. not imprecise, they just didn't feel great. I'm not sure how their tactical line compares in that regard. But the clarity is certainly wonderful.