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  1. How much does one of these weigh? and how much heavier is it than the Saiga .308.
  2. I'm not sure why that part was inside a gun with a plastic hand guard, but at least I can rule out reusing it. What about the spring?
  3. Anyone know what these are? I was disassembling the gun to do the trigger conversion, and just to have a look inside, and these fell out. The flanged piece is threaded in the center, but I did not remove any screws while disassembling and dont even see anything anywhere that it might have threaded on to.
  4. I bought the T6 stock on Ebay, the seller (an ebay store, for what that's worth) claimed that it would fit a Saiga rifle. After buying it I read here that it would not. The truth is that it will if you attach the pistol grip to the stock instead of the receiver and use it without moving the trigger. I want to improve the trigger pull which will require moving the trigger, and I dont like the pistol grip that came with the T6 so I ordered a Hogue pistol grip. The T6 stock fits the gun fine so after installing the trigger it sounds like I should be good. I watched the videos and it looks like a pretty straight forward operation. I have done trigger work on pistols along with mods like crowning barrels and bobbing tails so I suspect i'll get through this.
  5. I thought I read enough to know what I was doing, but now i'm not sure. I ordered a converted Tapco G2 FCGPGC1 trigger kit from Dinzag, I also have a Tapco T6 stock. Is the installation of the kit going to move the trigger forward? and if so, will I be able to use the T6 pistol grip? Where am I in terms of compliance? I have a couple 20 round Promag magazines, can I legally use them? Can I legally use the gun at all without further modifications? I hadn't planned on doing much beyond trigger and stock, but could if I had to.
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