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  1. dinzag, Thanks for the help!!!! You have really helped me!!!!! Yours faithfully Alexey.
  2. http://wht.ru/shop/catalog/light/LEDWAVE_t...CTICAL/9034.php How many such lantern costs in the USA?
  3. Friends! Advise, the Internet shop in the USA where it is possible to buy a tactical lantern. Yours faithfully Alexey.
  4. Work is completed above Saiga-12. Yours faithfully Alexey.
  5. Lekss

    IndyArms Hello! The Question: 1. What quantity magazines is necessary? 2. How your customs on import magazines will concern? Our customs will pass the goods, but you on customs can have problems. Your government struggles with the international terrorism, and on it can not start up magazines from Russia. A question as your customs will concern to the given goods, Define this question. Yours faithfully Alexey.
  6. Lekss

    Thanks for the information! I shall study this question and I shall inform you! Yours faithfully Alexey.
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