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  1. Ok so now I am wondering if this rifle only uses propriety magazines or if other sick mags can be used? The only advantage to this I can see is the the standard AK gas system. What are the advantages over this VS a standard saiga?
  2. I have my eyes on one of these and was wondering if the magwell is removable so it can accept MD arms drums? Anyone know?
  3. This was the ticket, thanks for the advise! Not sure if I would have caught that. working like a champ now Also, got rid of the retaining plate and replaced it with hitch pins. Bolt is nice and smooth now too. It was getting hung up on the plate a bit.
  4. just finished my conversion, upon testing the hammer keeps getting hung up on the disconector as seen in this video link. Any ideas guys? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYOgv34SZL8
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