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  1. Taken off new Saiga 7.62 Handguard. $30 includes shipping to you Steve
  2. I have a lightly used complete Piston and Bolt Assembly used by Century Arms on their AK's. By mistake they sent me a new one, and I am selling the old one.There is nothing wrong with old one $50 shipped to you. send me a pm if you want it Discreet paypal ok Steve
  3. Bump Price Drop Anyone? $850 plus $35 shipping to your FFL pm me
  4. WTS Saiga 410 Russian, pre-ban legal import to USA, semi-auto shotgun conversion 922 compliant with mags, instructions, cleaning rod and snake,plus optional Dinzag replacement front sight (if you want) not yet perm installed) done with new fire control group,quick change mag device, racks and looks like an AK also front muzzle device on threaded barrel, arsenal stock and handguards, , sling attachments, and sling, Russian decal on stock(can be removed) no mechanical issues, no jams, range tested. Safe queen. Unique and very cool look. Note: the pictures show this without a pistol grip, how
  5. 1. Standard Black Handguard OEM 7.62 2. Com Block Cleaning Kit that can insert into aftermarket stock 3. Hockey Puck for Saiga 12,20 or 410 Shotgun and OEM Gas Plug 4. Replacement Follower for 7.62 Mag 5 BHO Spring (2) available 6 OEM Fire Control Group without Hammer Spring but with Connector Spring 7 OEM Mag Release Latch-take off 8 Plastic OEM S-12 Thread Protector 9 Black Swivel Sling Mount 10 Cobalt Drill Bit 11 3rd party Mag release Hardware Kit for non OEM Mag release 12 4 stock screws-take off 13 Plastic Oil Bottle 14 Dinzag AK style front Sight Post for Saiga Shotgun-410
  6. Russian Izhmash Saiga 7.62 AK federal 922 Compliant in its present config, i The conversion was done with all top quality parts, this rilfe is an excellent trouble free 7.62x39 shooter. The barrel is chrome lined and in excellent condition, the fire control group is Tapco G2, the stock is Arsenal, the rail system is by Chaos. The Eotech scope is not included. The stock has an eastern block cleaning kit that inserts through a trap door in the butstock and it also comes with a cleaning rod. It also has a side mount scope adapter on the receiver if you want to go comblock style scope. if you
  7. Can someone give me an idea of what a new unconverted Saiga 7.62 goes for if one can be located? Can someone give me an idea what a converted Saiga 7.62 goes for qith quality parts and the Warsaw type stock?
  8. Interested in an FEG preban AK in new or excellent condion Interest in a FEG post ban conversion back to preban state that is 922R complaint pm me Steve Only want blonde wood
  9. I have one of these new from CSS that I never used. $22.50 includes shipping pm me if you want it Paypal only Steve FOLDING VERTICAL GRIP ERGONOMIC SKU: ATI-VERTICALGRIP Forend Pistol Grip 5 Position Ergonomic, Textured Pistol Grip Gives You Extra Support When Shooting DuPont® Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer Limited Lifetime Warranty Fits: Fits any Standard Picatinny Rail ATI PRICE: $24.95 OUT OF STOCK
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