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  1. And you're obviously AN armchair internet grammer nazi, and from my brief experience with you, you're probably AN asshole too. But maybe not, we've just met and I'm already pre-judging you. Have fun getting easily irritated by meaningless forum posts on the internet.
  2. This was months ago, and I was really curious about their stock of 7.62x39's.....and I'm a armchair internet commando.
  3. Obsessing?? Not really, just got this email in my inbox (probably because I emailed the marina months ago to fact check that fellow). I thought it was slightly amusing to see this show up yesterday.
  4. Just got this email tonight, not sure why I'm on their email list..I'm sure Spetsnatz will snatch this one up!! New at Redwood Marine!!!! Come check out our new Nemo Omen 300 Win Mag AR! ** Currently in stock ** Saiga 7.62x39 1 left in stock!! .22 LR ammo .223 ammo * Currently in stock * Our store is full of ammo!!
  5. I like to take a dump into the receiver after the first 100 rds. Then again at some later time, when I get the urge.
  6. I'm sure his camera fell in the bay. Personally, when I was doing dark undercover work for the Spetznatz in Cuba, I would unload a 30 rounder every time I did a backward somersault while assaulting the enemy. In my estimation I did probably 20,000 of these acrobatics. So I would say around 600,000 rounds. The barrel still looks brand new, possibly because it was blessed by the tears of Mikhail himself. Let's see it, unless you don't have a camera.
  7. Check Redwood Marine in Eureka, CA.
  8. What kind of brake are you talking about? Tapco makes the "m-16 style" birdcage with standard AK 14 x 1 LH threading.
  9. bdub

    Wolf ammo

    I get it in ziplock baggies in dark allies. Runs great!!
  10. Living and learning....hmm 1) it appears spetznats is not a total bullshitter based on my independent research. 2) I thought it was more appropriate to air issues with other people in personal messages rather than drag it out into the open for us to smell. 3) I think reposting messages where you got your feelings hurt might not be such an endearing trait either. GET A FUCKING ROOM!! You guys need to hug it out, Jetmech you should fly out to Eureka and take Spetznats for a ride out in the bay in a nice boat from the marina. Then go blow off massive loads of 7.62 in the magical
  11. >>Hi, we got our saigas instock and unfortuneatly they sold out in under two hours. we did not have enough to fill our demand for them. However we have more on order and we have added you to our email lists and you will be notified when more come in. Thank you Chris at Redwood Marine.<< Email recieved today.
  12. Don't come to VA for one, all private sales in this area are $1500+....someone "converted" one cough cough (crapco tacticooled,no new FCG)... and is asking over $3000. INSANE. I picked up my 7.62X39 two years ago, $475 for the rifle and 1000 rounds of Wolfy. The good ole' days, hopefully they will return.
  13. So...I can't vouch or validate any numbers but... here is a reply to an email sent on March 18, replied to on the 21st >> I WILL HAVE SAIGA’S THRUSDAY. THANKS, REG CROSSAN REDWOOD MARINE, INC WORK (707) 443-7029 CELL (707) 845-3364 << Guess they had them and now they are gone.
  14. Yeah I hear ya on going the cheap route. I'm the same way I guess. Had a T6 but was so wobbly it really bothered me. Then somebody locally was selling a plastic stock off some CAI AK74 of some kind and I put it on there and its so small and the angle so odd it feels ridiculous. Those Magpuls look quite comfortable though. I think the only way I'm going to get a stock that fits me well is to make one.
  15. Come again? Sounds like trailer park speak to me. Just kidding bro...
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