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  1. This muzzle brake is very effective. even without visible difference - your shoulder will tell you the difference - after shooting 100 1400fps slugs, I had no soreness of any kind. The blowback is very significant, but when you shoot buck or slugs fast - you have 0 muzzle rise
  2. I guess I know how my name got on the black list True to the agreement with the owner I was not advertizing or posting about my ability to bring these brakes from Russia outside of one thread on this forum...but the word got out as a result, I can not sell this brake on this forum any more without becoming a business member, and I really don't plan on becoming one you will have to buy it from Russia directly, it will be about $190 with shipping.
  3. only one saiga at the time, but still a desease: previous saiga: latest aquisition (not in the other pic)
  4. I bought roll pin from Menards - 1/8x3/4 - it will not come out any more!
  5. # 8 - what kind of mount? I will take it if swivel or QD
  6. Samal

    S12 VS HOG

    oh, reminds me of my hoggin in TX, last October! Ahi, I am so getting into my truck and driving over to you! I will bring vodka guns and ammo
  7. well, there was a problem - russian customs stopped the shippment we were lucky and got the parcel back, looking into alternative shipping options I will let you know, but at this time they are still in Moscow. this is the exact reason why I decided not to collect anybody's money upfront until I know how it goes.
  8. ok, it took more than a week to get the mags from Izhevsk to Moscow, but today 10 were dropped off to post office in Moscow, inbound to USA!
  9. I am bringing some to US right now at $160 - you save about $25 from the direct purchase as I ship them 5 at a time 5 people already have theirs in US mail, 2 weeks after they ordered 3 more are paid and with one more paid, I will place an order for 5 more if you want to get one, please PM me for instructions
  10. here is a picture of my solution - notice the pin is fully compressed - don't think it has a chance of walking out again:
  11. it's all about luck - when I have worth of 1K of mine or someone else's money that are being shipped - I don't want to run a slightest chance of loosing the shipment in greedy and corrupted Russian customs - I export motorcycles to Russia and know very well how the customs work - I don't make enough on these mags to risk it - if the package will be opened and inspected it will be impossible to get it back or even find which corrupted customs officer sold them on the side
  12. problem is solved - I found the spring - it was hiding inside the reciever, by the hammer legs - thats why I could not find it in the range I got a roll pin from Menards - 1/8x3/4 - took some effort to start it in the hole, but it went in solid, ends stick out about 1/16 on each side, but I know for sure it will not drift out
  13. yes, you get more than 50 at one time, the price will be lower than $70 per mag in Russia. However, if you try to ship them at the same time, the customs will collect commercial sample dues, instead of personal belongings dues and the price will just another 15 per mag, then, shipping is about 10 per mag if shipped in bulk - you are alleady at $100 per mag, then, your russian counterpart takes 10%, your are at $110.
  14. I had shot about 100-120 slugs as of lately at 2 range outings and on the last one, the mag release pin came out and the mag release spring flew off to never be found I ordered a replacement spring (actually 3 of them) from CSS. now I am thinking how can I prevent this from happening in the future. should I get a replacement pin from a hardware store or from somewhere else or if I reuse original pin, what can I do so it would not come out? I found replacement pins on CSS after I already bought the spring and don't want to pay $8 to ship $1.50 part. so is there a suitable replacement?
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