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  1. Hello, can anyone tell me what the best way to secure screws on my Saiga? I have a Chaos quad rail and the screws keep backing out after firing the weapon. I'm also planning to attach a DPH flash hider. Does anyone know if some Loctite red will hold? It says on the tube that it is permanent but it can be removed with heat, but I'm thinking the barrel gets way hotter than what's indicated on the tube so itll just melt and back out anyway? Does anyone have experience? Any help appreciated.
  2. Awesome, so AKM it is. ANyone know where one would find these? My FSB took quite a beating from hitting stuff and also adjustments to the sight took its toll as well. Ya, I'm not looking for 24mm stuff...just need standard...something that fits...its all i care about.
  3. Hello, I did a bit of searching, and I still can't figure out where to purchase a direct fit replacement for the front sight block. Mine is mangled up badly. It doesn't have to be an identical piece as the stock Saiga one...I just need something that is a direct fit basically for the simplest install. I checked out Kvar and there are so many, I get confused. I don't care if it has bayo/rod attachment stuff, I just want something that will just fit on the Saiga barrel. If someone can point me in the right direction, I appreciate it!
  4. Forgot to mention, mags are for 7.62x39. Price drop on everything! -4 30 round mags $85 shipped -10 round magazine $15 shipped -UTG recoil for $10 shipped. Lower retainer, I'm going to keep it for now.
  5. Hello, got a few things to sell. First are 4 used, 30 round Surefire SGM Tactical 30 round magazines for 7.62 Saiga rifle. These were purchased from a another member on here. I actually never used them to fire any rounds, and they do cycle fine and the LRBHO works great, condition is also great. These magazines are used for Saiga rifles without the bullet guides and are perfecf for unmodified Saigas and sporter configurations. I'm going the bullet guide route so I do not need these anymore. Selling $95 shipped Paypal. 10 round mag SGM Tactical $20 shipped. Fantastic condition, went
  6. Here's a pic to answer some questions here. I'm using a Bulgarian AK gas tube purchased from a member here. It has built in "retainers" so thats why it fills the rear. The standard Saiga gas tube you have on right now is nothing but a tube so it will leave that gap where the "retainer" is suppose to be. Get the AK gas tube, it completes the look! And they aren't too expensive. I love this rail, it looks so good.
  7. I'm wondering this as well, I need something that is a direct replacement of the FSB since mine is kind of messed up.
  8. Can anyone verify if that Romanian FSB is a direct fitment or replacement for Saiga rifles? I know the pins are different, but is there anything else required to fit the Romanian block?
  9. Looks great, will there be an option to buy the standard ak upper along with the Saiga lower? I want more of a complete look with both retainers.
  10. I have a Tromix modified Tapco trigger for sale. This is the trigger that has the hammer side shaved for use with BHO lever. I also shaved a little off the front edge of the trigger to fit properly into the receiver. It cycled, dry fired, reset fine but never used it to fire. This does NOT come with disconnector spring or any type of axis pin holder. Asking $14 shipped. I also have a factory BHO/spring for $5 shipped.
  11. What does it take to melt a factory handguard? Talk of melting factory handguards has me worried. After slow firing just 40 rounds, I can barely touch the barrel without burning myself, but the handguard itself felt fine even at 100 rounds. I'm wondering what the threshold is?
  12. Mr McNasty, can you please tell me where you got the Izmash furniture? That is beautiful
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