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  1. No the barrels are not threaded. Those barrels are designed for a 24mm threaded FSB of the AK74 variety.
  2. There are more 5.56 flash hiders. The AK74 brake works well though.
  3. I happen to have a 22" waiting to be converted. So lets say Im one of the unlucky ones, what are some mods that I can do to improve the accuracy? I know its not what the AK was designed for, but Id like to get as much accuracy I can out of it. there There are some articles online discussing the Saiga as a DMR ora "guerrilla sniper." For me the biggest factors were ergonomics, balance and weight. Getting a consistent solid cheek weld and good sight picture help a lot. I'm running a Warsaw length stock with a 1-4x optic ina MI mount right now. If I could find a descent SVD style stock with a r
  4. In all the boards and forums this debate has hashed out the general consensus has been that the 16" is par or better than the 22" in accuracy, better than the 22" in weight and balance, and lagging the 22" in the cool factor. The "best " Saiga 308 is probably a 22" cut and crowned at 18". Mileage varies on the 308. Some are dead on and 1000m capable. Most are 300m hunting rifles.
  5. First version above, refined below. Went back to standard mags, less wobble, less weight. Changed to Warsaw length buttstock, better balance. Changed to a lighter, adjustable optic 1-4x.
  6. Time labor and money wise replacing the fsb is the way to roll. Imho.
  7. The rifle should be about 3moa plus or minus. Freehand with irons any group sub 6moa you can be happy with.
  8. The Apex Polish AKM tubes need a bunch of reshaping at the sight block end to lock down all the way. Compare the shape of your new tube to the stock tube. Hand file to fit trying to match the shape.
  9. Note to self - no auto clear coat on rifle. You know what looks worse than Romanian donkey dong on an AK? A shiny Romanian donkey dong. Down south you'll pay a dollar a minute for a good dong polish.
  10. Reading this again, you have four Saigas in different calibers that will not cycle properly. You tried different mags. You tried different ammo. And got no improvement. No offense, but you need to consider that maybe the problem is you and not the rifles. Disassemble each. Make sure the rifles are clean, lubed, inspect for unusual wear or damage, and re-assembled properly. Disassemble your stock mags, inspect, clean and reassemble those. Next you need to look at how youre shouldering and firing the rifle. Make sure you are doing that right. With 4 rifles malfunctioning with different mags and
  11. Sounds like magazine fit and angle. Has someone tinkered in your magwell? Even the sloppiest built Ak will feed if the mag is seated right. I have saigas in three calibers and can count the jams on one hand through thousands of rounds.
  12. Sounds like scope is migrating with recoil and isn't shimmed parallel to receiver resulting in large movement of the POI. Also movement of POI with elevation knob at short ranges is very small. What looks like zero at 50 can be way off at 100. A picture of your rig would help.
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