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  1. I find the girlfriends don't always go down on the first, or even second, round out of 20ga... This is why I have a .45 in my nightstand. (I kid! I kid!) I don't see any reason to sandblast the entire gun for a more elaborate paint job. I say that as a guy that used to have access to a few hundred horsepower of air compressors, a MASSIVE blast cabinet, and full legal permission from the company to use them as much as I wanted on my own time... Even given my situation in those days (which sounds sorta like yours) I'd hit it with a robust wire wheel on an angle grinder to knock off
  2. I was just sorta pointing out the hipocracy that the lefties that wanted it banned the most are the same ones carrying its legacy for 20 more years. Beat me to it.. The only direct hit I ever saw them register was with watermelons after cutting up that sweet GMC in a montage to become a fruit launcher.
  3. $75? It wasn't all too long ago that full price was $100 if I'm not mistaken. Given MD's activity in the community, this looks like a chance to blow out inventory before closing the doors. That's cool, but why not say so? *grumble grumble*
  4. FWIW, I've had poor results with VHT engine paint on several automotive projects. It only seems to hold up for 1-2 years where other brands I've used (that I can no longer easily find) have held up for 7-8. It may hold up just fine on your gun (in fact, it probably will as long as gun solvents don't take it off), but if you do another in the future or need to repaint, consider going with another brand. Nice job on it though. Sounds like you've got it dialed in.
  5. To get back on track, the SPAS-12 is Hollywood's favorite shotgun, especially in the '90s. I still see them in new movies all the time and they've been banned from importation for like 20 years.
  6. I did the EXACT same thing when I was about 20. Since then I have learned what exhaust "expanders" are for and stopped using U-bolt clamps so I never need to touch one again. Fortunately when the tool broke it released all the tension so it just fell out of the pipe. My list of other fails is too long to count. Live, learn, and repair as you go.
  7. A little late, but I hope it was a good one (sorry it wasn't GOB!).
  8. I can say from experience that being a moderator is not easy. I did it in a forum that was a piece of cake compared to this one and it was still hard work. Being a moderator here and even semi-patiently dealing with these types of issues and hanging in there to see them through takes one hell of a guy and an extreme amount of dedication to the community. Juggs knows everyone is frustrated, and rightly so, but there is no telling how many other things he is dealing with at the same time requests are made. I can only speculate, but I would imagine that not a single day goes by that he doesn't ha
  9. I always enjoyed Beef's posts and I'm sad to see him go. I hope that the next life gives him the the rest and peace that he deserves.
  10. I'm not sure if this is a "fan" thread or not, but NIN is hands down my favorite band... I own around 30 Halos and have seen them live twice (would go again tomorrow if I could)... I'm also off the reservation.. My youth pastor was a great guy!
  11. Err? Should have been a 5 round mag that came with the gun...
  12. I guess you really did like that one! literally, LOL! edit: FWIW... Dewayne Scokian DRIVE... I think I could have been a contender!
  13. If I'm reading this right.. Jim is a legit firearms business owner and has experience with the rifle you want repaired.... Match made in Heaven?* *I have no affiliation with Jim or his business... I was not paid for this idea and am not responsible for any negative outcome from the introduction of this concept. I will gladly take credit for all positive outcomes though.
  14. Right on, John! My Dad was corp of engineers in 'Nam and was fortunate to have never been in bush combat.... When he came back state side, via Kali, he was spit on and called a baby killer... He got that lovely treatment after giving up 3 years of his teens (+1) to a draft paper and obeying the law. The 'nam guys get no respect. It honestly warms my heart to hear this type of story. I wish I could do more for our vets. I do call Dad on every veteran's day and thank him for his service. It's the very least I can do.
  15. I firmly believe that Barry is not only aligned with them, but works for them... They want to make sure their buddies stay in power. So... I hear you on the gas on 9/10 stuff... I got caught with my pants down on 911, had to wait over an hour for gas, and got to pay double retail (which would be a steal today). edit: BTW, I always keep, at least, 40 gallons of gas at the house now... 20 in a hobby car (which I can pump out at the rail), 5 in the genny, and 10 in cans... I cycle it through my driver every 6 months. Cheap and easy "prep".
  16. I agree, Darth... I don't think they're not coming after us. I just don't think it will be a straight up fight... ...because they would get their asses whipped. edit: AND... I know Barry is in bed with the motherfuckers so it won't happen until he says so... We're coming up on elections so we're good (we're not at any risk of a huge gasoline price spike either)... I guess that was the original point I was driving at.
  17. I pretty much agree, Juggs... BUT... We won't see a straight up confrontation on American soil for the same reason the Japanese didn't do it in WW2... ...too bad... Now there are 3 or 4 guns behind every blade of grass.
  18. You won't see any terrorist disaster, that isn't completely manufactured, while their BFF Barry is in office...
  19. Another douche bag... I hope Barry is happy on the golf course... http://news.yahoo.com/us-checking-report-2nd-american-killed-syria-004557313--politics.html
  20. Like HPD said, it's pretty obvious if you look around... With that said, if I needed a 2 round mag for hunting, and since I'm insanely lazy when I can be, I'd cut some 12ga size wood dowels, load and glue one to the next (with proper time to cure) until I got to only 2 rounds free on whatever sized mag you had available.. 20 round mag or 5, my method should get the job done... If the glue should happen to break during hunting pack up your gear and go home. The obvious advantage with my strategy is that the mag could easily be reverted to original size (so could Indy's method) and you d
  21. If I was on a tear that would be about 3 day supply. I don't drink that hard anymore.
  22. Big Mac Attack My guess being a college town, kids are from other areas of the state and country. Just doesn't make sense I know. Are you suggesting that there are areas in the country where driving into a riot sized crowd for a sandwich is sane behavior?
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