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  1. I just wrote the following to my "representatives": "I am writing to urge you to NOT support Gun Bill HR3999. It is a blatant attempt to abridge the 2nd amendment. It is an ill defined and not thought out bill and will only lead to immediate criminalization of current law abiding citizens -- myself being one. I tell you this from my heart: the 2nd amendment is the only one that helps to secure all others and I for one will be willing to lay down my life to protect it. I would bet that there are a million others that are of like mind as myself. HR 3999 will only introduce chaos an
  2. But it will all get better once football gets here....................... (does that come under circuses? I bet it does -- GO Broncos!!!! (or whoever, I really don't care!)
  3. I've got a collection of sand in tiny tobasco bottles from vacations provided by my Uncle...
  4. Now that's one way to rip open an old scar... Not a problem -- we are a tough bunch (for the most part...)
  5. You can only kill bin ladin once -- trying to do it over and over again is a waste of time. As I said, new enemies need killing. What part of that is lost on you?
  6. This is just my take and it is not meant to twist any panties... 9/11 was a kick in the balls and should never be forgotten just like the attack on Pearl Harbor. Both are now historical events. Move on. We have new enemies to hunt down and kill.
  7. My wife has really gotten into genealogy.com -- she has traced me back to as far as Ragnar Lodbrok! She says it explains alot...
  8. Pretty much anyone who has joined the military in the last 25+ years has their dna on file -- remember that swab on the inside of the cheek??? That was to make sure that if there were not chunks large enough left that they could still I.D. and bury your patriotic ass. So sorry Patriot, Uncle didn't need a court order...
  9. I say next time use det cord... Then there won't be a next time. Just kiddin -- Merry Christmas to Y'all!!!
  10. Death comes to us all. Sad but inevitable fact. The good news and the reason for the Christmas season is the gift of Jesus Christ -- the sting of death is taken away from those who believe in Him and His sacrifice. My death with last about as long as a blink of the eye -- I shut my eyes on this earth and will open them in eternity! Merry Christmas!!!
  11. I am not downing Mattis. As a retired .mil type I like the dude but Darth, you sound like a dimocrat after being asked about hitlery's decision on Benghazi... I say let's find out what happened. Put Mattis in front of Trey Gowdy and let's get the truth. Mattis can handle it and if there is nothing behind the charges it can be cleared up and dissipated because you know if it is not the dimocrats will make it their Benghazi for the next ??? years...
  12. You mean the Russian held skull fragment with the small bullet hole.. yup it has been debunked. My wife brought up something interesting that I've never thought of -- she wondered if it could be from Eva Braun??? The piece of evidence that needs to be debunked for me to really get into this show is the part of the lower mandible that is supposed to be Hitler's. The dentistry has been pretty conclusive -- Hitler had some pretty unique and messed up teeth and the jaw fragment matches... I have pasted an article on the subject. It is long but (to me) very interesting.
  14. Either I'm kinda slow today or your statement above makes no sense as it stands -- could you elaborate? Seems a tad out of left field.
  15. Don't forget to add a unicorn in every garage... I hope for the best but prepare for the worst -- now is no different.
  16. When Hitlery didn't give her I quit speech last night my wife looks at me and says; "I bet Hitlery, Chelsea and Bubba are on a jet right now heading for a country without any extradition treaties with us..."
  17. It's like new year's eve with the promise of a new better year ahead. I lit fireworks the moment it was announced!
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