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  1. Thats nuts! But, how much does a 20 round drum cost? I would pay 100$ for a stick 20 round double stack mag if I knew it worked. I sold my 20 round drums because theu were so big, uncomfortable, and I could not fold my stock.
  2. I want to known if these can be modded to fit the siaga 12. Looks very close to an accual fit
  3. Haha! I have a 16" Beo, and that is enough for my shoulder. But, to be fair I am considering building a 10.5" Beo for Black woods elk hunting. You only lose about 100 FPS going from 16" down to pistol length. BTW, learn how to reload. You will save yourself a ton on ammo cost for this thing. I cast 335, and 440 grain bullets to feed mine, and it keeps the cost down to about .40$ a piece if you save your brass.
  4. I wouldn't worry so much about Saiga's. It is the parts to any imported gun, and reloading supplies that will really put a cramp in my style. It seems most of our powder is made over seas. Australia make quite a bit for us on the mainland.
  5. If you are a reloader the newly introduced S.792 should get your blood boiling. Get your primers and power while you can. Once word is out on the street on this one there will be nothing on the shelves.
  6. Here is a link to an article on the subject. http://www.examiner.com/article/after-senate-setback-obama-quietly-moving-forward-with-gun-regulation I found it on the internet so it must be true...
  7. This is a re-post from another Forum by Hamash on the mater. "A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Final Rule published today in the Federal Register and a news release issued Friday by the Department of Health and Human Services, followed up with a notice to be published tomorrow, are two developments all but ignored by the mainstream press even though Vice President Joe Biden announced last week that the administration would be using executive orders to advance “gun control” goals following a Senate battle that could not muster the votes to do so legislatively. The Imp
  8. It is a rework of ITAR. From what I understand if it goes through it would ban further importation of firearms,parts, and ammunition. Not to mention primers from Wolf, and powders from many manufactures. I knew ITAR would come back and bite us in the ass when it was passed. It opens a backdoor to a ban without congressional approval.
  9. NOTE: We update quantities of all products on our website several times a day – if the item show in stock – it is.(saiga-12.com E-store,2013) According the the e-mail I got this is not true! Who has my mags that I ordered?
  10. I feel bad for the people who ordered the drum mags last week. Were those is stock like the mags I ordered?
  11. I am upset that they were on the E-store (3) ordered, and now they don't have them to deliver to me. What is the point of the notice on the E-store website that states they update constantly when I get an e-mail saying what I ordered is actually not in stock? Makc, you listening? I don't want 10 round SGM magazines when I ordered 10 round AGP's that were in stock. I am not getting pissy yet and spreading shit on other forums until I get another e-mail, other than a shipping notification.
  12. I don't know about them, but I have some of the AGP's. Wanted some SGM's to compare material, function, and quality before I go off the deep end ordering a box of magazines. The price is the same as the AGP's, but they seem to have no re-enforcing of the lugs like the SGM's. Got rid of the MD20.It was to bulky.
  13. Just got notice that the mags I purchased were not in stock when they put them in the E-store What to do now?
  14. Well, MAKC just put up 3 of the 10 rounders today so maybe they are catching up. Sorry, I grabbed em while I could. I have been putting off getting those for a while. The mini 12 round drum has worked so well I never got around to trying the high cap, or normal cap stick mags over 5 rounds.
  15. Gunbroker used to be my friend. Now all she wants to do is rape my wallet...
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