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  1. I bought my first IZ132 (unconverted) at my LGS for $288 with an izzy 30 rnd steel mag in 06'...those were the days.
  2. I own the full titan for the x39 platform, and after dumping over 400 rounds with the help of a bumpski, I can tell you it does warm up. It does not get skin melting hot like the barrel though. I have a vertical grip attached to mine, so It doesn't matter to me how hot it gets. I can tell you after that range trip, the rail system ran like a champ and my PA red dot held zero in "fully automatic".
  3. Hi Fellas, today I've decided to sell this Russian beauty to fund other projects. What we have here is a Saiga 12 model IZ109 19"shotgun with under 800 rounds through her. This saiga has 3 ports and has NOT been converted yet.It is outfitted with an ATI Talon Tactical six position stock with scorpion recoil system, this includes triton adapter and scorpion pistol grip and butt pad and adjustable cheek rest.(instructions and all hardware included) This is also equipped with a chaos titan quad rail system, protected by tapco rail covers.(Hardware included) The sights mounted are Magpul MBUS Gen
  4. PM Sent Hello, Is this only the top? Do you ship to Greece? Thank you, Vasilis PM Sent
  5. Up for sale is a chaos titan top rail (like new) complete with all bolts and nylon screws. The entire rail was protected with rail covers, and used very little. The Magpul MBUS gen2 sights also look new and come with hardware and sight adjustment tool.These are not knockoffs. This will be sold as a complete package, no part outs, and because it's the holidays I'm feeling generous...$200.00 (OBO) takes it with free shipping cont. U.S.and money orders only please....Come and get it.
  6. I have a used chaos tri rail for sale, it comes with all hardware and was protected by rail covers so it looks new. $70 plus free shipping to contus.
  7. After researching it looks like its a century arms import
  8. Hey fellas, i bought a new model of saiga 7.62x39 with a 16" barrel. It's the model with the vented forearm, pistol grip, ak style stock and it looks like the trigger group is moved forward. Now i previously owned a saiga rifle, the older style.I put together one hell of a conversion, so i have alot of knowledge of the the old style. I dont have this new rifle yet,but shes on her way. My questions are. What stocks fit the new model? Do I need to buy stocks strictly for models with the trigger group moved forward? Does the new model have the rear tang? Can the pistol grip be replaced with a dr
  9. Hey old friend, you might want to lower your price. Chaos sells these brand new for $129.95.
  10. i have it, its nice and solid.its a quick attach mount, it also has bolt so you can tighten to your preference. it has thumb accessible buttons for light/laser on and hold for on. it also has a switch to toggle between just light and just laser or and laser is adjustable vertically and horizontal. The finger grooves are comfortable as well. i like mine alot.
  11. check out the VISM vertical grip.
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