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  1. Umm.. you have been tuning into Red Jacket's "OWN" show on Discovery called "Sons of Guns", right? Heh, no I'm out of touch. Working 6 days a week right now and studying a lot. I don't have much of a life...
  2. They're having a cycle built on American Chopper: Senior versus Jumior. Cool finally seeing Will in the flesh!
  3. GPalmer

    +1 guido2

    guido2 really helped me out by selling me a Tromix competition stock he had around. Fast shipping, product as described, he's one of the great guys around this forum.
  4. GPalmer

    Hearing Protection.. what do you use

    It varies by what I'm shooting. There are times I use plugs and muffs together. Generally with handguns I use muffs, with rifles I prefer plugs since the muffs tend to get in the way. With my Saiga's it's either or both...
  5. Depends on what the mission is...
  6. GPalmer

    Saiga 12's are only toys, not for serious use.

    Is that a polite way of calling them IDIOTS? If so, I'm in! Wow, musta been a G20...
  7. GPalmer

    Saiga 12's are only toys, not for serious use.

    Couldn't resist, had to put up a post. Lot of dimwits over there, that's why I mostly stay on the private forums over there...
  8. GPalmer

    What are you using for padding on the stock?

    +1, never really bothered me with the Saiga. I have used the limb savers though and they do a great job of soaking up recoil.
  9. GPalmer

    WTB: Tromix Competition Stock

    Great news! Look forward to hearing from you!
  10. GPalmer

    MD 20 has a little play after 80 rds.

    This ia an AK platform. Tolerances of 1/32" are pretty tight... I personally wouldn't worry about it.
  11. GPalmer

    Two questions about red dot sight and mount

    That would be incredibly cool. The red dot and the Saiga are a great combination.
  12. GPalmer

    integrally suppressed Saiga 12

    Always wanted one of those though that does sort of ruin the close quarters performance of the SBS...
  13. GPalmer

    Two questions about red dot sight and mount

    I've had good luck with an EOTech 512 so far but I don't know of any forends that meet your needs. Mine is mounted on a rail Tony Rumore mounted though I don't believe he does tham anymore. He told me mine would be the last one he ever did. I'd love to know if you find something though. Oh yeah pic at left...
  14. Cheap and USAS, two words that do not belong in the same sentence unless there's a negation in there somewhere...