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  1. my smg mags did the same thing with the factory mag latch. it doesnt fully catch the mag it catches the edge and wears it n makes it fall out. smg is great and swapped me for some new ones . you can either get a new mag latch (extended!) or file the factory one to lock in farther.
  2. now that i got my scope zeroed in ill test some match militay surp and some hornardy... i was happy with what i did with the tula. looks spread out but you can see the groups i like the one in the 4 area with 4 hits touching and in the 2 area 6 shots and 3 holes
  3. what length is your barrel? i just went this weekend to zero my scope at 100 yards. i was very happy with my resualts.21 inch barrel cheap clamp on bipod side mount with sniper brand 4x16 scope. got four bullets in the same hole walked it down to the bullseye that was my last group. all with tula and harters
  4. yes the real long one with disco and hammer. does 30 shipped sound fair ? here it is
  5. i have the factory fcg from a s308 i would like to get rid of. came off a year 2000 saiga
  6. CSS aluminum ar style hardgaurd. Holes everywhere so you can add rails. Mounts to gas block with original screw and sling retainer. Had on my s12 but sold it so I got no use for this. 60 shipped
  7. Received parts and installed the same day. Parts were sent out the day he received the money and came in fast! Great seller ! Will buy from again ! Thank you !
  8. Nice! Daughters who like guns are the best ! Lol I did this for my 4yr old. Taught her safety first at all times and she's listens well. Took her shooting a dozen times and she's bugs to go every weekend. I let her shoot my polish underfolder. Held the front for her. I thought she was gona pull the trigger a couple of times and she dumped the whole magazine! Then she says "again!" Brought a tear to my eye.
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