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  1. I've never even seen the original promags. Anyone have any info on these? I can't even remember seeing factory 5.45 mags. I have two 10 round factory mags. I only have two because my first iz240 key holed so bad I had to send it back to RAAC for a replacement. I accidentally kept the mag for my troubles.
  2. I've had great luck with Bulgarian surplus mags. Probably close to 99% with no BG. The 1% for me is the last round not chambering. It goes nose up but is easy to clear. I have not had good luck with tapco mags. I don't know what others think about them but I can't say they're garbage because I don't have a bullet guide installed. I bought a BG but haven't sat down to install it yet. Seems i have a couple bulgy mags that have been 100%, rest 99%. I'd just get the bullet guide if you're concerned. Edit: mine is converted and compliant. Are you 922 compliant using standard capacity mags in an
  3. If you bought your 545 through a FFL dealer you're already on that list.
  4. Emailed my reps here in ohio twice already. Hope everyone does the same.
  5. Just wondering if anyone knows of a smith or otherwise competent machinist who could thread my 5.45 for a 74 brake. Pardon my ignorance. If it cant be done with a hand-held power tool with a number of spinning attachments I don't have the capability or know how. I emailed Tom Cole? at cadiz a couple years back, around when they had the fire, and it probably wasn't the right time. Anyone know of anyone else local dayton/columbus/cincy area?
  6. This is what I've ended up with.
  7. As a IZ-240 owner who got one when they were under $400 I don't know what to tell you. I have been looking at the waffen works B-grade 74's from classic pretty hard. Eager to hear what others have to say about them. I love my saiga 545 (should post some updated pics) and feel for those who missed out on the affordable to buy and convert era. Affordable on my budget anyway. I think I was the first, maybe only member that got a iz240 that keyholed (due to an out of spec barrel I'm told) so I'd like to hear any issues related to the waffen works.
  8. I have a vortex strikefire on an AR and I want to use it on my saiga 5.45 with the TWS dog leg rail. Vortex makes 30mm rings in a few different sizes, obviously low to pretty dang high. My question is will the "low" rings give enough clearance for the front of the optic? I'm not concerned with co-witness. Their site states: LOW - "height of 0.83 inches (21mm) from the base." MEDIUM - "height rings are ".97" / 24.6mm". I couldn't find if this has been covered anywhere. Like to get low as possible without the front bell of the optic touching. Thanks in advance.
  9. I know of 2 saiga 5.45's keyholing. Mine being the first documented!!!!! It was replaced by RAAC. Got a message from another forum member who had the same issue. Never heard back to see if his was replaced. I was told my original had the wrong twist rate.
  10. Yes sir. Shot it twice so far. Once before conversion to make sure it was GTG. Then again after conversion. Didn't really fire at paper that time..Just blew up various pieces of fruit. Tested out Bulgarin 30 round surplus mags as well. 1 jam on the last round out of 120 rounds. Good for now but will be looking into bullet guides soon. Also modified my tapco saiga hand guard. Looking for some high temp OD Green paint for plastic.
  11. Sorry for the shitty quality. Standard PG conversion complete. Tapco warsaw stock, hogue grip, bulgarian mag painted ODG as well as the factory hand guard. Don't know if I want to put the tapco saiga galil handguard back on yet. Stock feels more comfortable to me. Looking into modifying the Galil handguard as others on the forum have done.
  12. Thanks! Yep, replaced the rifle. RAAC said they didn't have a replacement barrel so I got a brand spanking new one. Just glad it's all over and all I'm out was time. Could have been a lot worse.
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