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  1. rhettdean3@charter.net

    S12 bolt damaged?

    Look at the left rail, at the the bottom corner of the front half of the bolt Same area, different angle Edge of bolt face Should I be concerned about this type of wear?
  2. rhettdean3@charter.net

    Saiga SG

    Bolt photos
  3. rhettdean3@charter.net

    S12 bolt damaged?

    I just shot my converted S12 the other day, only ran about 30 shells of wallyworld birdshot thru it, and had no problems or malfunctions with it. I went to clean it and noticed the front half of the bolt (that houses the firing pin) had some marks on it that concern me. The first mark I noticed is on the outside edge of the bolt face, and looks like the metal is 'pushed' in from the edge indicating contact with the barrel extension. I also noticed the rails on each side of the front half of the bolt have some contact on the rear edges, which looks like they might have contacted the front section of the rails on the receiver. The gun has about 1000 rounds of various ammo run through it and runs really good. I have not had any problems whatsoever in past few hundred rounds. Is this wear normal, or should I be concerned? I know pictures would better represent what I'm trying to say, but just wondering if anyone else has run into this before I start loading pics.
  4. rhettdean3@charter.net


    I used 2 UTG VFGs, both are crap. I used to think that UTG had some quality stuff, but after experiencing failures on these 2 products, I am starting to learn my lesson that everyone has been warning about since the beginning of time. I first used the new UTG aluminum VFG and after 3 shots of wally world birdshot out of my S12, the handle snapped off at the mounting base. Then I used the plastic UTG VFG off of my AK, and it sheared the plastic locating pin off. Still in the process of finding a more suitable VFG for my S12.
  5. rhettdean3@charter.net

    How do I zero in the HK sights on extended quad?

    What do the settings on the rear sight mean? I guess that each of the numbers designate a particular range, but I am not familiar with HK sights. Could someone please tell me what the numbers on the rear sight signify?
  6. rhettdean3@charter.net

    Read your letter to the ATF regarding shotgun importation.

    Every gun forum in the country? Shitting cinderblocks sideways? That must be an extreme exaggeration. I have checked around, and not very many are on the up & up about the study. Nor have I seen hardly any mention of the responses being publicized on any other site so far. Maybe I am not looking hard enough. Yea I am sure that a couple hundred are aware, but I doubt that a largedecent percentage of those who have sent a response are anywhere near aware they have been publicized for the world to know. Are you kidding?!! This study was the source of informative articles in all NRA publications, as well as most of the popular stuff off the shelf in Wally world (ex. Guns & Ammo). AR-15.com (arguably the largest gun website) has had forums on this since it came out in January. They ALL referenced contacting the ATF and voicing your opinions. This study has alot more ramifications than just trying to ban Saiga shotguns! Seriously, did you read the study? This is huge!!! In fact, there isn't anything in the study that would specifically ban Saiga's (as they are imported), but it would have everything to do with banning whatever they wanted. While I am concerned about private information being leaked publicly, I'm sure you all know that websites like these are being watched for terrorist activity. WE are the enemy, and they will stop at nothing to disarm us. Personally, I would like to know if someone that sent in a letter has had any problems with the ATF recently. Anyone having trouble getting an SBS, SBR, FFL?
  7. rhettdean3@charter.net

    Titan rail fitting

    Awesome post, Bridis! This is definitely all the information anyone should need to install their Chaos Titan Rail System. Thank you for taking the time to make the video. I can't wait till mine comes in. Do you plan to attach the dust cover to the rail in the future? I think it might be something that I might want to do. Any cons to not attaching it?
  8. rhettdean3@charter.net

    s12 rage report, need help

    I had trouble with mine the first time I shot it too. The cheap low brass worked consistently, but I had trouble with the buckshot. I put about 50 rounds of buckshot through it and about 50 birdshot. I definitely noticed a difference as I shot the gun. With the first mag, every round FTE. After about 100 rounds, I was down to 1 out of 5 FTE per mag. I have heard the break-in period is somewhere around 200-300 rounds. I have recently converted mine, so it gives me another reason to go test it out. I will let you know how it does tomorrow, but I would definitely put a few hundred rounds through it first, before I started looking for something to fix (unless you have upgrades already planned).
  9. rhettdean3@charter.net

    Titan Rail

    Are you guys scheduled to receive 2nd or 3rd batch? Just wondering if the 3rd batch is being sent out earlier than expected.
  10. rhettdean3@charter.net

    Titan rail fitting

    Thank you for the info. If that is all that is required, then it sounds easy. I also heard that Chaos was going to have a kit available to attach the hinged rail to the receiver cover, so that when you raise the hinged rail, the cover opens with it. Do you know if this is available? Does it come with the Titan system?
  11. rhettdean3@charter.net

    Titan rail fitting

    I just ordered a Titan rail system recently, and I was wondering what kind of fitting is required. I have heard some say that it needs to be milled, while Chaos' website says some minor filing may be needed. I would like to hear specific details, from those of you who own one, what needs to be done to mount the rail.
  12. rhettdean3@charter.net

    Saiga 12 gas tube loose

    Thanks Razorback. I tried a search, but nothing came up. I must have knocked the front gas block and loosened it while working on it. I'll fix it tomorrow.
  13. I just finished my Saiga 12 conversion today, and I noticed the gas tube (with rear sight) is loose. The front gas block that mounts over the barrel and gas holes is tight, but the gas tube wiggles side to side. Did I do something wrong? I don't remember it being loose before the conversion, but I really don't know what I could have done that would cause it to be loose. I supported the receiver any time I drilled, and I didn't need to beat on anything excessively. This really isn't too much of an issue for me since I have a Chaos Titan rail w/HK sights on order. But, if I was going to depend on the factory sights, I would have to get this fixed. How would you fix this? Perhaps put the receiver in a vise or press and tighten the front of the receiver where the gas tube is pinned? I was thinking that maybe since I removed the rear trigger pins (needed for the conversion), that maybe that was why the receiver spread apart?
  14. rhettdean3@charter.net

    Keltec KSG vs Saiga 12 on the nutnfancy project

    And that is exactly why I would wait to purchase one, let alone use it for my HD gun. There will always be 'bugs' to work out of new products, especially ones that are complete redesigns. That is why manufacturers have recalls. It is near impossible to catch every flaw in R&D, so they release it to the public and adopt a 'wait and see' attitude. This is fact no matter what kind of product you are talking about- guns, prescription medication, cars, TVs, etc. That is why I would wait a year for them to work out the 'kinks' before buying one. Open up any new gun publication and you will find a recall on Remington rifles that use .17 HMR. There is also a recall on .45 ACP ammo produced by Federal. This type of thing is more commonplace than you would think nowadays. Trust me, I work for GM.
  15. rhettdean3@charter.net

    started conversion

    I just started my Saiga 12 conversion tonight. I just received my parts in the mail this morning. I plan on finishing up the FCG and trigger guard tomorrow, still waiting for the stock and rail system though.