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  1. Thanks for the info guys, and yes I am aware of 922r compliance but thanks for the reminder. One question when yall say hammer strut are you talking about the top or the the bottom? I have compared the two hammers and the tapco one is considerably wider on both sides on the bottom. So can I take some off there? I have noticed that the tops are different but that doesn't seem to really affect anything. Any input would be great, and thanks again guys
  2. Just started my conversion and am putting everything back in. My question? I bought a tapco g2 trigger, and it seems to work fine but the hammer seems to be to big, to be able to fit the bolt hold open plate and the shepards crook. I remember hearing somewhere that sometimes people have to grind down the side a little. Is this ok to do? Also the hammer that came stock seems to work with the rest of the tapco g2 setup, would it be ok to just use the old one? Thanks guys for the help, this forum is so effin helpful.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I just wasnt sure, because I have the tapco t6 with pistol grip attached. So either the kit comes with the hardware or I can reuse the screw that is currently in.
  4. Just getting ready to purchase the goods for my conversion. 7.62*39 Picked up a tapco g2, gonna order the rest My question: Do the trigger guards that come with the built in pg nut, come with the screw? http://ramsfs.mybigcommerce.com/ram-stg2/ or do I have to order the screw as well? Also what is easier and or better the tapco retaining plate or the shepards hook replacement thing? http://dinzagarms.com/misc_parts/akretp.html Thanks guys cant wait to get started, I have had the rifle for a year now, and its killing me to get it done.
  5. Thanks guys for all the advice. After trying many things for a few days, I finally just knocked it out with a hammer and punch. Retapped the hole and it seems to be holding well. Only problem is the bolt was hitting the top of the screw that holds the bullet guide into place. But I hit it with the bench grinder and the bolt goes in all the way now. Again thank you guys. One question though, Should I thread lock the guide into place, and if so what color loctite?
  6. Hey Everyone, So I was installing my bullet guide, when guess what the tap broke, yes I probably went to fast. But what to do now? The Tap is broken off flush with the trunnion(round), I have tried drilling down the center of the tap with no results. Anyone have any ideas? I was thinking JB Weld the guide in. Or actually weld it into place. Has anyone done this? What were the results? What form of welding should I use? (I have limited knowledge of welding so please excuse my ignorance) If anyone could help me that would be great, And please no negative comments
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