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  1. pauly would of posted had he been able too he is locked and is not aloud to post messages in the forum not even for his own defense. plus all the people that have been blowing up his email and inbox here on the forum that have nothing to do with what is going on is slowing down the process. A few years ago when I got my first saiga I had made this account and decided I would talk to him before sending parts his way we talked for like an hour and a half about guns lol complete strangers talking an hour and a half was kind of weird we had a couple of times where we just would bullshit over the p
  2. Have you messaged him on his private email he cant get on here to post... Email him paulyski@gmail.com and ask him. But I will talk to him as well... He is defiantly feeling obligated to do the work and make things right.
  3. I retract all my other statements About Pauly.... you guys will all receive your parts in time. He is going through a lot of health issue's but is getting better. he will be sending parts out here soon he only has 26 orders left but do to the complications with his health it has slowed everything way down further then you all could imagine but insured that everyone will get what is theirs. I don't want to post everything he posted me so the people that have nothing to better then rag on his situation. I feel for the guy and I hope he gets everything taken care of. He truly means well and h
  4. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE I feel bad for the guy but I wouldn't trust anyone that has been avoiding everyone for as long as you guys have.
  5. everyone has to remember that its not the mods pauly did really good work for a number of years. everyone needs to stop getting off track here and wake up... your all adults who gives a shit who talks shit... the people missing parts should start working together instead of fighting with mods and other people that put in there two cents. If they were my parts and after everything I have been reading I would stop complaining about it call an attorney... It is time for legal action, and if its not a legitimate business to even start with he is going to be even more hurting there....
  6. Alright well I think this is pretty crazy considering I have talked to him on the phone a few years back and he seemed like a cool dude. But what this whole thing lacks is, Communication, Not with pauly but amongst the people that have parts sent out to pauly Everyone should still have the serial numbers I would hope from the guns that are worthless at this point. there should be a full list of all of these with proof of purchase weather paypal or checking ect. I would look into fraud myself, its been this long he has not been returning emails talking to people he has moved out of
  7. Thank you i love this rifle.
  8. rotate this to the left lol
  9. I didnt want to make my own post about the same i order a pretty large decent order from CSS today around 5:30 am it is in mail already and i have a tracking number! its 3:40 pm same day shipping.... Holy Crap!!! Great Shipping TIME! Will do more business in the future!
  10. By my understanding shortening your own barrel is only illegal if the barrel is still attached to the gun! However if u take the barrel off and do it that way im sure it would still be questioned by the atf but what are the odds that the atf is going to go through the entire hassel. to prove if someone shorten the barrel while it was on or off the gun.... granted that probly would matter more if it wasnt legal length as well... Im not adviseing anyone to shorten there own barrel so dont get the wrong idea i took my guns to a gunsmith here in eugene so there is no problems.
  11. Pauly Does Top Notch Work! I don’t even need to say anything just go to his vendor page and look what people have to say about him! I would never risk polishing something that could easily be messed up... Once you go too far, It’s a long ways to recover and a lot more effort and time to make it right again not worth risking ! Contact this guy! Friendly customer service, Really goes the extra length to make sure everything he does exceeds professional standards. http://forum.saiga-1...om-fabrication/ Check out his new Supreme WORK and look at his glass bolts.... !
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