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  1. Thanks Cobra. I think that I will take a stab at it over the Christmas holiday. A That slit is the factory trigger hole for the neutered imported models. I just looked inside mine and it already has the square hole for the PG nut cut out on the forward end of the small trigger slit. You should be fine for strength if you cut it out. The way the nut sits in there with an overhang around the top side it's not going anywhere. Just don't overtighten it any more than necessary and use a threadlocker.
  2. Nice conversion job. I was going to do my 16 inch s308 but I noticed that rather than having a pistol grip mount hole, it had a slit a little less than a quarter inch wide and about 1/2 inch long in its place. This stopped me because I am not sure if cutting out the pistol grip mount hole in the middle of this slit would provide adequate strength. Anyone encountered this slit? Is the conversion still sturdy if you cut out for the pistol grip mount hole? Thanks, A
  3. No emails. Too busy packing and shipping I am sure. Definitely a good surprise. A ps. I think that I was number 91 in the list...could have made a mistake in counting though
  4. Got my 3 20's in the mail today. They look nice! Hope to try them out this weekend. Would post pictures, but everyone here knows what they look like. A
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