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  1. I never said it was necessary, but It is my gun and I like what Ive done with it
  2. Finally its all back together Thank you for the awesome work on the parts: Alumalite (custom length shroud), Pauly!! (bling bling lol), Chaos (Rail & sights)
  3. Just picked it up from the Gunstore and you can see the quality Arsenal put into this weapon. Can't wait to shoot it! Arsenal SGL-2161 1x 5rd Factory Mag 5x 30rd Surplus mags from Gunbroker also not shown: .30 cal Boresnake & 1000rd case of Tulammo 7.62x39 Im thinking of buying the AK47/74 Russian Red Classic Stock Set from http://www.atlanticf...roduct1032.aspx Any thoughts?
  4. I have put about 650rds of federal bulk down range, Its really such a fun gun. Pumps are cool but they don't compare to unloading a MD-20 downrange. I just recently bought a SGL-2161 to occupy my time while the Saiga-12 is apart with guts removed at Pauly's. I probably wont buy another weapon for a little bit as the SGL2161 was a birthday present to myself lol and funds are running low
  5. Thank you for this write up JeffD my gun runs like a champ now!
  6. Makes me want 3x more MD-20's!
  7. Id rather spend $20 on 100rd of Cheap bulk to have some range fun than $100 on 100rd decent quality buck. And with the MD-20 & 10rd sticks you tend to go through ammo fairly quickly!
  8. I bought the low brass reliability kit when my gun wouldnt cycle low brass. However, even with the kit I would still get FTE every 3 rounds or so. I had to open my ports to 3/32 (3 port gun) and it cycles perfectly fine with all the OEM saiga parts.
  9. I just ordered mine directly from CHAOS couple days ago, didnt even think to look at Carolina
  10. Never even knew this existed lol
  11. Great addition to a properly gassed gun, mine didn't work right until i ported my 3 port to 3/32nds then worked like a charm, mix of 00buck slugs and Bird
  12. Ive changed my setup a couple different times already but I think this will be my favorite and stay this way for a while. There's a couple things I still want to get for it though. I love my Saiga12! My Saiga12 mods AKA “The Money Pit” 3 ports drilled 3/32 Ported Gas block Tromix Fire Control Group RAM12 Billet Trigger Guard RAM12 Extended Magazine Release Magpul CTR Stock with CAA tube Magpul Angled Fore grip Magpul Cheek riser 3/4 Custom AK pistol grip TAC47 Auto Plug CSS Performance piston 1x Saiga OEM 5rd Magazine 2x Surefire SGM 10rd Magazines 1x MD Arms MD-20 20rd Dr
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