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  1. Sorry i took so long to reply, I'm helping my wife to open a bakery cafe and its taking most of my time. But to answer all your questions, This slug slinger has to much to list, but if you go to Tac 47's web site and look up their slug slinger you will see all the custom work they did. I also had to make it my own, So i added the m4 socom stock, tromix shark brake, extended mag release, krebs safety selector lever, caa grip, xs night site's, red dot site and i recently added the magpul foward angle grip.It shoots great and as far as being one of the best, thats my opinion. But just look at it
  2. I just received my custom Tac 47 Slug Slinger, And it is one of the best Saiga 12 out there!
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