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  1. abz400

    Vepr 12 sbs what length to cut

    What is the ideal barrel length for a vepr 12 sbs
  2. I'm planning on doing vepr 12 sbs and my question is what the shortest can you cut a barrel and be able to shoot all types of ammo.has anybody this yet.
  3. abz400

    Picture Post, Lets see your Vepr-12

    Any good deals on that v12 wood guard set.
  4. abz400

    Vepr-12 Experience

    me and my buddy ran about 350 rounds thru his vepr 12 and the only fte were from the cheap 9 shot remington bird shot, but from 7 1/2 ,8 birdshot shot very good with no problems.we tried slugs, 00 buck and also rio 00 buch shots and it shot great .recoil was low but when you good buck shot you will notice the diffrence.
  5. abz400

    Drop case for Vepr 12?

    theres a guy selling a drop case but its for a sks and i thinkthat will fit.
  6. abz400

    Drop case for Vepr 12?

    were did you get that rifle case? i'm looking for some also.
  7. abz400

    Picture Post, Lets see your Vepr-12

    how dose that tromix drop in trigger feel compared to the original.
  8. abz400

    Picture Post, Lets see your Vepr-12

    what adapterdid you use for your buttstock.
  9. abz400

    texas ak triggers

    They're okay.Steel's softer than the Tapco though. They cut real quick in comparison when I work on them. I like the textured trigger lever, but I like the Tapco's steel being harder being as after heavy use, I've worn down a Tapco disconnector a bit, so I don't want it to be any softer. That's why I started doing the MatchTrigger mods on the Tapcos. That being said, what don't you like about the Arsenal in an AK? The sear height is cool for AKs, and it's a comfortable trigger level if it's arsenal brand. the arsenal trigger has trigger slap and i want a better trigger pull.how do you charge for a match trigger mod? do you have any pics on a tapco trigger.
  10. has anybody installed these triggers ina ak-47 and do anybody have any feedback on them.planning in buying a set to replace my arsenal stock trigger set.
  11. abz400

    she has arrived

    how much for the other stock and were can you get it.
  12. abz400

    vepr 12's are here.......

    don't forget to post up some pics.
  13. abz400

    Vepr 12 Shotgun Pictures Atlantic Firearms.com

    Good question "PrestoZ" ... will there be a functioning Bolt Release ? One of the features that the American model will keep is the bolt hold open function. Moreover, there is a bolt release button just above the trigger. Read more: http://www.shotgunne.../#ixzz29KVIY7c5 what about the rail on the bottom of the gas block?