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  1. What it looks like now....(missing my DIY trigger guard and pg not attached)





    what i want to look like after the barrel is shortened and fh is welded on to 18.5", the ugly etched out rectangle tig welded and blended, and same for those 2 conversion holes. After all that i will cerakote:


  2. I just got a few of these SGM 10 round mags, I plan on making 2 of them 8 rounders by cutting them below 3rd rib in the mag body. I have another idea of shaving/sanding down the other ribs on the mag to make it look a little more flush then painting them. Does anybody think that those ribs that go around 3 out of 4 sides of the mags really hold the mag together that well? Do you think i will be killing the integrity or rigidness of them too much if i did remove the ribs by making them flush with the body?

  3. Bulgarian SSR skeleton thumbhole stocks.


    Hey I don't know if your are intrested still but i have 3 of these stocks in NY.

    I'd sell one for $50 i guess. Im new to these forums but have been posting on AKfiles for a while under the same user name.




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