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  1. I am interested in a Marlin Camp 9 or a Ruger PC9. Let me know! Thanks, Richard
  2. I purchased this from an individual here and it fires great, unfortunately, I do not fire it enough. I have little to no time and going out to the range to fire this awesome Saiga, but here are the specs on it. Saiga .308 22" barrel semi-auto rifle -It has been converted using US-made a G2 single hook FCG. -Front sight block has been removed and a custom US made AK74 brake has been fitted (Made by Dinzag Arms -- bored to match the .308 barrel, pin-on style). -Choate Dragunov Stock is currently on it and original polymer fore-end is on it. The trigger guard is included, but has
  3. As long as I've been 'lurking' around this forum M. Davidson seems to take the time answer near every question or reply to almost any comment without hesitation. He's a good business man who seems to me to be more helpful in making great things for the Saiga 12 and share it with his peers rather than attempting to make serious bucks on his much wanted product line.
  4. I bought one (wish I had bought more) and it functions great! No jams, no feed problems and locks tight
  5. Site looks great! I'll check it out more when I get off of work here.
  6. MadMaxx sold me a Saiga .308 at an incredible price. He included all the leftovers from a converison he did. The extras were a great bonus and also, I'm glad he helped me out thouroughly through the very end. Thank you and happy shooting!
  7. I sent you a PM this afternoon, let me know if you got it, thanks!
  8. I will be using the Saiga Conversion Guide located here: http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/ This guide is for the .223 and I noticed a few different things on here I really don't think I'll need to mess around with (right?) such as bullet guide and magazine modding for a Saiga 12 Gauge right? Can anyone who's done a Saiga conversion tell me anything I need to know and not know based off of this guide? Thanks!
  9. Do you have to convert to use a stock for a stamped receiver? No, you don't have to convert, but you will have a really really funny gripping style. The grip of the factory saiga is part of the monte carlo stock. The T6 has no such grip angle built in. All Saigas have stamped receivers. I was just curious, I do not want to shell out 300 dollars to someone local I really do not have a history of knowing anything about for a basic compliance/pistol grip conversion on my Saiga. Plus I wanted to learn the ropes myself and I didn't want to see anything come out of left field while co
  10. Lets say I buy the Tapco AK (US-Made) buttstock for my S-12, do I need to do any special cutting to make it fit into the receiver or is there anything else I should know about doing this? I've been a long time lurker, 2 or 3 time poster so I was just curious. I want to make this thing look pretty original. Thanks,
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