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  1. Okay, partial answers: Both a 30mm and 40mm ammo can are pretty efficient for storing the 25 round boxes. A 30mm can can store 42 boxes (1050 rounds) with only a little wasted space at the top. This is about as large as could be considered "practical"( if 1050 rounds of birdshot is "practical" ) to move by yourself A 40mm can stores 16 boxes (400 rounds) with a little more wasted space at the top but not much Hope this helps someone who had the same questions I did.
  2. Thanks for all the input so far. Most ammo cans will work if it take the shells out of the boxes. Heck most will work even if I don't. What I am looking for is the most efficient use of the space inside the can with the shells in the boxes. A can that is wide enough for 1 and 3/4ths boxes wastes a lot of space. Similarly a can that can hold 1.95 boxes tall has lots of waste as well. The five pack sleeves take up more room than the 25 round boxes so what works for one might not work for the other. I won't get a chance to drag a bunch of ammo to the surplus store for a couple of weeks
  3. I am starting to gather three different types of 12 ga ammo all is 2 3/4" but packaged differently Federal bulk in 25 round boxes Royal Buck 00 Buck in 5 round boxes Centurion Slug in 10 round boxes Because of the packaging 5 boxes of 5 rounds of the 00 wont fit in the same space as a 25 round box. I am looking for ammo cans to store the various boxes in, I would like to store the shells in the original packaging inside the cans. Does anyone have any experience with this that I could rely on rather than taking a bunch of shell boxes to the surplus store to see what fits?
  4. Can anybody ID and point me to the retail source for the foregrip pictured above? Thanks in advance
  5. According to FEDEX my parts arrived at Pauly's today!
  6. Speaking of the stock..... who makes that one? It appears to have a little more drop than the standard ak tapco. It's from a milled Bulgarian rifle, I got it from the bargain section on kvar's page, just looked to try to find a link for you but didn't find it on kvar or arsenal's pages Thanks for looking, I couldn't find it either.
  7. Speaking of the stock..... who makes that one? It appears to have a little more drop than the standard ak tapco.
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