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  1. I have one. It works great in my 20ga.
  2. I have found that nothing below 1250fps makes my Saiga 20 cycle
  3. Just ordered a 20 ga mag or my Saiga!!!

  4. Order Sent! THANKS for making this happen. Us 20 ga shooters need more options!!
  5. Has anyone tried this yet? http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/etac-saiga-twisterpuc-standard-gas-piston-p-597.html?zenid=3621002ff0a20c4e67f8a2e4a4d1a793 anything that helps keep it clean is good by me, but id love to hear feedback from anyone before I buy it.
  6. I went to their site and couldnt find the Saiga 20 mags. Got a link?
  7. I would be happy to help test. I shoot my Saiga 20 every weekend.
  8. YES, It works on my Saiga 20 FOR SURE!
  9. what loads are you able to shoot now? And what brands/loads were giving you trouble? The only ammo that would cycle reliably before were Winchester slugs. It didnt like ANY type of shot. Now it cycles Remington Bird Shot as my low end bulk ammo just fine.
  10. I have mine on a 20 ga. Works fine.
  11. I got my Tac-47 autoplug in the mail this week and tuned it in yesterday at my local public range. WOOHOO!! This wonderful device fixed my fte/ftc problems!!
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